Installation guide

After you've installed the app, we will request collaborator access to set this up. If you'd like to do this yourself, follow the instructions below.

To enable Cheetah Checkout Upsells for your Shopify Plus store, you must have the checkout.liquid template file available in your theme.

STEP 1: Enable your checkout customization
To enable the checkout.liquid file:

Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

On the left side, you can see a checkout.liquid file under 'layouts' . If you can see this layout, then move along to step 2.

checkout layout

If you don't see the checkout.liquid layout click 'Add a Layout'. In the dropdown there should be an option to add the checkout layout. You can call it 'checkout layout-upsellplus'.

checkout layout

It's possible you can't see the checkout layout option in the checkout. if that's the case, please reach out to your Shopify Plus Merchant Success Manager and ask them to enable the checkout.liquid customization.

STEP 2. Add widget div to the checkout.liquid file

To display the widget, add the snippet below {content for order summary}

{% comment %} UpsellPlus 1 of 2 {% endcomment %}
           <div id="upsellplus"></div>
{% comment %} END UpsellPlus 1 of 2 {% endcomment %}

code snippet checkout.liquid

STEP 3: Add the magic UpsellPlus code that makes it all work

To enable the checkout magic, scroll down until you see </body> and add the code below right above it:

{% comment %} UpsellPlus 2 of 2{% endcomment %}
<script src=""></script>
{% comment %}END UpsellPlus 2 of 2{% endcomment %}

That should do it! If you have questions, contact or just reply to the welcome email you received.