About us

We're a nimble team based in New York. We love merchants. Our mission is to empower all merchants to deliver an exceptional buying experience.

We are focused on all online merchants, in every geography. To make our vision come true, we're starting with ecommerce merchants on Shopify Plus, with revenue between $2m to $100m in Gross Merchandize Value.

To make this happen, we're building a team that shares our core values: radical honesty, be customer first, embrace the adventure, feedback driven.

In-store Customer Intelligence

Our vision is to build the Facebook/Google ads for the Shopify platform. Imagine hyper-personalized offers in your store, unique to every customer. And that in different parts of the buying journey. Your AOV and conversion will love that.

Segmenting customers based on how they arrived to your store, time spent, new/returning, cart actions, cart content, clicks, device, browser, location. What about offers based on what products they bought in other stores in the past week?

Our first step in this journey is Cheetah Checkout Upsells. We'd love to hear your feedback!