Our mission is to help merchants increases shopper spend through a personalized buying experience.

Hi, I'm Jaap Vergote, the founder of UpsellPlus. I grew up in Belgium, part of the low countries. A place built by merchants since the Middle Ages. Then and now, merchants are what makes an economy tick. People who create a product and sell it. Those are the people and companies I want to bet on.

I believe in a future of thriving independent merchants. Brands that make it fun to discover and buy products from. Today and tomorrow, these brands will be using solutions to better connect with their shoppers.

I want to enable merchants to offer that joyful buying experience and increase how much people spend.

Jaap Vergote, founder Upsellplus

To make this vision come true, we're starting with solving checkout customization for Shopify Plus merchants.

What we believe in

To make the above mision come true, we're building a team that shares our core values. We're hiring!


Extreme customer obession



Intellectual honesty