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In-Cart Upsells Designed to Convert

Finding new ways to generate income is essential for growing your business. In-cart offers are an easy but lesser-known method of implementing upsells and cross-sells to encourage customers to spend more and raise your average order values (AOVs). When placed in the correct positions within your checkout process, they give you an opportunity to catch your customer’s eye and increase the odds of impulse purchases. 

Here are a few ways UpsellPlus in-cart upsells can help you boost sales and improve your customer experience.

Cart Page Upsells

Take inspiration from Amazon’s “you may also like” by adding cross-sell offers that complement the contents of their cart. Create non-invasive offers that appear below the cart and allow for easy additions with a single click.

- Used mostly for cross-sells
- Allows for multiple offers at once
- Offer accessories, complementary products, and other items in the set

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Cart Drawer Upsells

Streamline your offer flow by adding an upsell to the cart drawer’s slide-out or dropdown menu for one-click additions to improve conversion rates. Trigger upsell and cross-sell offers that appear even if your customer skips straight to checkout from the product page.

- Used for both upsells and cross-sells
- Always shows after adding the item to their cart
- Complementary products, upgrades, accessories, and warranties can be offered

Show Upsells Based on Conditions and Rules

Avoid coming off as “spammy” by ensuring your offers are always relevant using custom logic based on cart contents or other pieces of data. Leverage ShopBrain to generate effective product combinations and upgrades that encourage action.

You can use logic to:

- Offer a discount when a cart reaches a certain value
- Trigger a buy one, get one discount when certain products are in the cart
- Create tiered discounts as customers add more products to their cart

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Add Custom Discount Offers to Your Upsells

Encourage customers to buy more products with discounted offers you can customize. Provide a percentage-based discount to encourage more spending or a flat discount to control your profit margins while growing AOV. Add a countdown timer to take advantage of FOMO and push customers to make a decision quickly so that your offer is extra enticing.

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Stop worrying about high acquisition costs and low returns on your investment. Instead, make the most of your existing customer base so you can grow your AOV and increase your revenue.Use in-cart upsells, checkout upsells, and post-purchase upsells to earn more and continue to grow your business. Get UpsellPlus today to get started quickly. Start your 7-day free trial today.

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