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In-cart upsells

Make Your Cart A Sales Tool

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In-cart upsells designed to convert

Create discounted upgrades, quantity increases, or bundle offers that encourage customers to stock up or go deluxe. Set fixed discounts for specific products to maintain effective margins.

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Cart page upsells

Take inspiration from Amazon’s “you may also like” by adding cross-sell offers that complement the contents of their cart. Create non-invasive offers that appear below the cart and allow for easy additions with a single click.

- Used mostly for cross-sells
- Allows for multiple offers at once
- Offer accessories, complementary products, and other items in the set

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Cart drawer upsells

Streamline your offer flow by adding an upsell to the cart drawer’s slide-out or dropdown menu for one-click additions to improve conversion rates. Trigger upsell and cross-sell offers that appear even if your customer skips straight to checkout from the product page.

- Used for both upsells and cross-sells
- Always shows after adding the item to their cart
- Complementary products, upgrades, accessories, and warranties can be offered

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Show upsells based on your preferred logic

Show the right upsell or cross-sell every time. Use custom logic to control when an offer is displayed, including using variables like the product they’ve chosen or their order value as triggers.

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Automate your upsells

Implement automated upsells and cross-sells. Use ShopBrain to show the best product recommendations or Autopilot to show a random item from a specific collection of upsell items.

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Add custom discounts to your upsells

Encourage customers to buy more products with discounted offers you can customize. Provide a percentage-based discount to encourage more spending or a flat discount to control your profit margins while growing AOV.

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