Zipify OCU alternatives: 5 best alternatives to know in 2024

Zipify OCU alternatives: 5 best alternatives to know in 2024

Chris Rausch
March 18, 2024

Upselling is a low-risk, high reward sales strategy that helps to increase your AOV and grow revenue – and with the right upselling app for Shopify, it’s also easy to get started.

One of these app choices is Zipify OCU, a tool that some stores use for their upselling and cross-selling efforts throughout the sales process. However, their fee structure of 1% per order may cut too deeply into your revenue and a lack of dedicated high-level support can make it harder to meet your needs without technical experience or resources.

Luckily, we’ve put together some of the best Zipify alternatives for you to consider.

5 best Zipify OCU alternatives in 2024

The right Shopify upselling app needs to fit your budget, include your essential features, scale with your business, and be there to help you make the most of the app. Most of all, it needs to drive results by giving you the ability to customize and control your offers so they engage your customers and convert at a high rate.

Upselling isn’t something you can afford to take lightly. Here are some of the best Zipify OCU alternatives for you to know.

#1 - UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is a complete upselling solution for Shopify stores of all sizes, offering market-leading checkout, cart, and post-purchase page upsells to help you maximize the growth of your AOV. You don’t need to switch between apps or learn how to use multiple user interfaces – all you need is UpsellPlus.

The visual builder allows you to create custom offers that feature products of your choosing or with the help of ShopBrain, the app’s algorithm, that uses customer behavior data to make recommendations for the product to add to your upsells. You can place these offers at different locations on the pages, use different formats for mobile and desktop screens, and customize all of the styling to make it fit your brand perfectly.

Custom logic lets you control which offers are seen based on information like the cart contents, order subtotal, and other information to help you target the upsells you offer to the customer’s needs. You can create upsells, cross-sells, and downsells in flows to provide a number of options for them to choose from, including one-click upsells on your post-purchase pages that drive superior conversion rates.

UpsellPlus also features onboarding assistance and dedicated support channels, including contact with the developer himself, to ensure you’re able to get started as quickly as possible while building the offers you want to without the need for technical experience or resources.

If you’re an international store, UpsellPlus’s multilingual and multi-currency integrations let you engage your entire audience at scale. If your business lends itself to subscriptions, you can also use your favorite app to enable subscription upsells to increase the value of each customer. You can also build your checkout pages with Checkout Extensions to optimize your conversion rates for both sales and upsells, further helping you increase revenue and AOV growth.

Pricing options 

UpsellPlus offers a 7-day free trial for all plans. Pricing is based on the upsell revenue generated, not total sales. There’s also no commission.

  • Launch Plan: $49/month up to $500/mo
  • Pro Plan: $119/month up to $3,000/mo
  • Advanced Plan: $199/month up to $10,000/mo
  • Scale Plans: $299/month up to $15,000/mo
  • Unlimited Plan: $799/month

Features offered  

  • Upsell flows spanning from cart to post-purchase pages
  • Custom logic to control when offers are displayed
  • AI-recommended upsells and cross-sells using customer data
  • Multiple offer formats that adapt to the screen size
  • Multi-product offers within the same module
  • One-click upsells after checkout
  • Dedicated customer support and onboarding assistance

What customers say 

“I installed this app & the developer was available literally within seconds to assist with our implementation & provided a quick customization for us. The app did exactly what I needed it to do with shopify checkout upsell. Thank you!”

“This app is perfect and customizable enough to fit our brand. It has increase sales and offers. We are great full for the level of support the team has offered us. They go above an beyond.”

#2 - AfterSell

AfterSell is an upselling app that supports cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. They specialize in post-purchase upsells, providing you with the tools to create unique pages for your offers throughout the funnel to help seal the deal. You can add progress bars, timers, loyalty content, and other elements to improve engagement. You’ll also be able to offer one-click upsells that encourage impulse buys.

AfterSell also offers A/B testing and reporting to help you refine your strategy, with AI helping to uncover products that are more likely to convert in your offers.

AfterSell’s functionality spans the entire sales process, but their plans are individualized. You’ll have to pay for cart, checkout, and post-purchase features separately, which can add up quickly. Their plans are also measured by store sales, not upsell revenue, so you’ll still have to pay more if your offers aren’t converting.

Pricing options

AfterSell offers a 30-day free trial on all plans. Post-purchase and cart drawer plans are based on your store’s sales total, not just upsell revenue.

  • $7.99/mo for up to 100 orders
  • $14.99/mo for up to 200 orders
  • $29.99/mo for up to 500 orders
  • $54.99/mo for up to 1,000 orders

Checkout upsells are an additional $99 per month plus the above usage costs.

Features offered

  • Post-purchase page builder to create unique offer pages
  • Offer flows spanning from cart to “thank you” pages
  • One-click upsell functionality
  • Targeting features based on products or cart totals
  • Analytics with A/B testing

#3 - Reconvert

Reconvert is a post-purchase-focused app that encourages customers to spend more at and after checkout. It supports upsells and cross-sells for checkout, post-purchase, and “thank you” pages, providing a drag-n-drop builder to create customer pages to “sell” your offers. They offer a variety of different retention, loyalty, and informational elements that can be added to their one-click checkouts to “reconvert” customers for an additional purchase.

Reconvert’s templates help make it easy to get started and the one-button styling tools ensures a consistent branding experience throughout your pages. You’ll also be able to control who sees your offers with custom rules that target specific customers, cart contents, or subtotals.

However, Reconvert doesn’t support product page or cart upsells – about 40% of the sales process. If you don’t use an additional tool alongside it, you’ll be missing out on a lot of engagement opportunities. Additionally, Reconvert charges a fee for all revenue generated by your upsells in addition to your plan fee, which can make them far more expensive for larger stores.

Pricing options 

Reconvert offers a 30-day free trial for paid plans. There are three prebuilt plans that are based on the number of orders your store receives, plus an additional 0.75% of upsell revenue.

  • Upsell Basic: $4.99/mo for up to 50 orders
  • Upsell Premium: $7.99/mo for up to 100 orders
  • Upsell Premium Pro: $14.99/mo for up to 200 orders
  • Additional plans are available at larger scales

Features offered

  • Checkout, post-purchase, and “thank you” page support
  • Offer funnels with custom logic
  • Visual builder for creating post-purchase pages
  • Loyalty and retention elements
  • One-click upsells

#4 - CartHook

CartHook is a post-purchase upselling app that aims to make it as easy as possible to engage customers who have completed checkout. You can build offers with a drag-n-drop interface to add your own text, images, and urgency tools like a countdown timer.

Using custom rules, you’re able to create offer flows with one or two distinct offer pages to target different types of customers for your products to encourage more sales. The one-click checkout functionality also makes it easy to generate sales using time-sensitive elements and limited deals.

CartHook only works with post-purchase pages, so you’ll need another app to provide cart and checkout upselling functionality.

Pricing options 

CartHook charges per store order, plus 1% of all revenue generated by the app. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

  • Free plan: Up to 100 orders per month
  • $10/mo for up to 200 orders
  • $25/mo for up to 500 orders
  • $40 for up to 1,000 orders

Features offered

  • Drag-n-drop offer builder
  • One-click upsells and cross-sells
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • A/B testing and reporting

#5 - Cart X

Cart X specializes in post-purchase upsells, but also includes popups before the checkout process to effectively engage your visitors. They provide a visual builder to create your offer pages and popups along with custom logic that lets you create bundles and upsell offers that make sense.

Your post-purchase pages can include one-click upsells and may be customized using the same visual builder that also includes time-sensitive elements to leverage FOMO in your offers. Choose from BOGO, bundles, complementary products, and many other offer types.

Cart X doesn’t support checkout upsells and their pre-purchase upsells are limited to popups, which can turn customers away if done incorrectly.

Pricing options

Cart X offers a 14-day free trial as well as a free developer’s version. Paid plans span from 100 store orders per month to 4,000+ per month for a flat fee, but each order after 4,000 per month is $0.03.

  • $9.99/mo for up to 100 monthly orders
  • $14.99/mo for up to 200 monthly orders
  • $29.99/mo for up to 500 monthly orders

Features offered

  • Pre-purchase popup offers
  • Visual builder for popups, post-purchase, and “thank you” pages
  • One-click upsells with time elements
  • Bundle builders and virtual product support
  • Advanced analytics

Get started with UpsellPlus today with a free 7-day trial

UpsellPlus is the cost-effective, user-friendly, and comprehensive cross-sell and upsell app for Shopify. With it, you can take control of the look, feel, and function of your offers to maximize your conversions and grow your AOV as much as possible. 

From simple customization with the visual builder and offer flow interface to dedicated support options and onboarding, UpsellPlus has the tools and support you need to grow your business.

Get a partner that’ll give you the tools and support you need to succeed at upselling by downloading UpsellPlus and starting your 7-day free trial today.

Frequently asked questions

What are the limitations of Zipify OCU?

Zipify OCU is a tool that covers many of the primary elements of an upselling app. They support each stage of the sales process, provide a visual builder for code-free editing, and let you use custom rules to target your offers more effectively.

However, Zipify doesn’t employ the most store-friendly pricing system. They charge a 1% fee on all upsell revenue in addition to their pricing plans, which can make larger stores who exceed $10,000 in monthly upsell revenue have to pay far more than other plans that offer unlimited revenue or no commissions.

Zipify’s standard live chat support is also lacking. While they’re available through the live chat for quick questions, they don’t have a dedicated support channel for most stores and don’t provide onboarding assistance. So, you’ll need technical experience or resources to make the most of the app on your own.

What separates UpsellPlus from other upsell apps?

UpsellPlus is an all-inclusive upselling app that doesn’t handicap how successful your upselling strategy can be. There’s no percentage fee on your sales. Dedicated support is also available for most plans, including direct access to the developers for technical questions, to make sure you can accomplish everything you need with the app alone.

ShopBrain, the native algorithm of UpsellPlus, can leverage customer behavior data to identify the ideal upsells and cross-sells to offer based on your individual products, saving you the time of needing to create them all manually. Custom rules make it easy for you to target promotions precisely and take control over how your offers are presented.

UpsellPlus’s integrations also make it international-friendly and BFCM-capable so that your upselling can scale with your business rather than limit it. Plus, Checkout Extensions gives you the ability to design your own checkout page to highlight your offers, increase conversion rates with one-page checkout and trust elements, and create a uniform brand experience throughout each step.

How to get started with UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is free for 7 days. All you have to do is install the app and start building offers to help your business grow. Get started today.

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