ReConvert Alternatives: 5 Best Alternatives


Chris Rausch


February 24, 2024

If you’re not upselling, you’re not maximizing your store’s revenue and profitability. 

Upsells and cross-sells let you increase the average order value (AOV) of your Shopify store so that you can sell more, generate more revenue, and improve cash flow to grow your business. 

Best of all, it reduces your customer acquisition cost  – and returning customers are worth as much as 25x a new customer in customer lifetime value.

Upselling and cross-selling on Shopify requires you to have the right app if you want to be as effective as possible. 

One Shopify app you might’ve come across is ReConvert, a tool that aims to simplify the process of adding effective post-purchase upsells to your store to increase AOV and revenue.

While ReConvert focuses on post-purchase and “thank you” page upsells, they lack support for a crucial step of the sales process: in-cart upsells. Plus, they charge a percentage of your revenue on top of the monthly plans, which can eat away at your margins and make it more expensive than others for high-earning stores. 

Whatever your reasoning may be for researching alternatives, we’re here to provide you with the best upsell app alternatives to ReConvert.

5 Best ReConvert Alternatives in 2024

If you want your upsell and cross-sell offers to be effective, you need the right app. 

You need to capture customers’ attention, encourage them to interact with your offer, show them products relevant to their initial purchase, and make the deal worthwhile so they’re more likely to accept it, so it needs to have a complete offer builder. 

You should be able to add upsell offers to each step of the sales process, including the cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages, to create as many opportunities as possible to turn visitors into customers. 

Multiple placement options also help make your offer modules stand out for better user engagement and a detailed reporting system can give you valuable insight into what steps, positions, and types of offers are working. 

A free trial doesn’t hurt, either.

If ReConvert’s focus on post-purchase upsells isn’t giving you the results you need, consider these five Shopify upsell app alternatives.

#1 - UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is a complete upselling and cross-selling app for Shopify that gives you the tools you need to succeed. It supports upsells on the cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages, with multiple positions available so you can test to see which works best for you.

As an all-in-one upselling app for Shopify, UpsellPlus simplifies the onboarding, offer creation, and reporting elements of your upselling efforts. You won’t have to learn multiple tools to cover the entire sales process, saving you time, money, and stress. 

UpsellPlus has a simple interface that lets you style your offers, choose additional products by hand or with automation through ShopBrain, and integrate them into your pages where they’re most likely to generate a sale. 

You can also create your own conditional rules that control when an offer is shown to ensure they’re relevant and more likely to convert. Best of all, you don’t need to know how to code – just use the visual builder to create the perfect offer module.

UpsellPlus is also versatile, working with great apps like Checkout Extensions to give you more control over the look and function of your checkout, helping to improve conversion rates for upsells and orders overall. 

It even integrates with your favorite subscription upsell app like Recharge to further increase AOV, can be translated to over 30 languages with LangShop, and supports multiple currencies.

Pricing Options 

UpsellPlus plans are based on the monthly upsell revenue you generate with it, making it cost-effective for all store sizes alongside the 7-day free trial:

  • Launch Plan: $49/month
  • Pro Plan: $119/month 
  • Advanced Plan: $199/month
  • Scale Plans: $299/month

Features Offered  

  • Place upsells on cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages
  • Upsell to subscriptions with your favorite subscription app
  • Customize upsells with a visual builder
  • Customize your upsell placement for desktop and mobile devices
  • Automatically create relevant product offers using real customer behavior data
  • Control offer visibility with custom logic
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Integrates with Checkout Extensions for greater checkout customization

What Customers Say 

Customers praise the responsive customer support and see results right out of the box. Setup is simple, and the range of functionalities makes it perfect for customers who want an all-in-one solution without juggling multiple apps.

  • “Amazing customer service from Jaap! Love the app! We couldn't figure out how to do a super complex upsell strategy and Jaap got it done within a few minutes. Highly recommend the app!”
  • Overall, I highly recommend Upsell Checkout to any e-commerce business looking to increase their sales revenue. With its easy-to-use interface, flexible offer types, and powerful analytics, it's a great tool for boosting your bottom line.

#2 - In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell primarily offers in-cart upsells and cross-sells in a variety of formats, with product page support to round out its pre-checkout support. You can create Ajax cart upsells, cart drawer upsells, and mobile-specific upsells that improve the user experience.

Custom logic helps to show relevant upsells, and AI-assisted offer-building helps you increase conversion rates on your bundles, discounts, upgrades, and other offers.

However, In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell doesn’t support anything after the cart page, so you would need an additional app for checkout and post-purchase tools.

Pricing Options 

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell provides a free plan as well as paid plans based on your Shopify plan:

  • Free - Only 1 upsell offer at a time and includes their branding on your offer
  • Shopify Basic ($19.99/month)
  • Shopify Standard ($29.99/month
  • Shopify Advanced ($59.99/month)

Paid plans provide 500 offers, geo-targeting, AI recommendations, A/B testing, advanced discount logic, and live onboarding assistance. In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell also offers a 30-day free trial to all new users.

Features Offered

  • Support for multiple types of cart drawers, the cart page, and product page
  • Customizable offer triggers
  • Customization options for desktop and mobile usersA/B testing and reporting

#3 - Zipify One Click Upsell

One Click Upsell is a multi-step upselling and cross-selling app that lets you create offer flows for product, cart, and post-purchase pages. They provide you with a page builder that you can use to make custom “thank you” pages with upsells built into them, as well as enable one-click upsell offers after checkout is complete. 

You can create multiple upsell funnels and offer them in a sequence to try to secure more conversions as well as tailor your offers based on the product they’re interested in.

Zipify OCU doesn’t offer on-page checkout upsells, though. They redirect your customer to an offer page after the order is complete, which may let some conversions slip through the cracks.

Pricing Options 

Zipify One Click Upsell offers a 30-day free trial and 3 tiers of plans that are based on your monthly upsell revenue.

  • Tier 1: $35/mo + 1% of monthly upsell revenue for up to $1,000
  • Tier 2: $95/mo +1% of monthly upsell revenue for $1,000 to $10,000
  • Tier 3: $295/mo +1% of monthly upsell revenue over $10,000

Features Offered

  • One-click upsell functionality
  • Post-purchase page builder
  • Supports product, cart, and post-purchase page offers
  • Funnel builder lets you add multiple offers in a sequence
  • A/B testing and data insights

#4 - Honeycomb

Honeycomb offers a wide range of upselling and cross-selling features, including customizable funnel editors, visual builder functionality for creating offer modules, and support for product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. 

They make it easy for you to offer free product incentives or attach digital product recommendations, giving you more options to upsell to potential customers. You can target your offers, use AI to create relevant product combinations, and keep track of your results with detailed analytics.

Honeycomb’s biggest con is that they charge per view of your funnel, which can make it expensive to use if you’re not achieving high conversion rates.

Pricing Options 

Honeycomb charges per funnel view, offering 5 options that include free and unlimited plans.

  • Free plan: Up to 100 views per month and adds their branding to your offers
  • Silver plan: $49/mo to remove branding and support up to 2,000 views per month.
  • Gold plan: $99.99/mo for up to 5,000 views
  • Platinum plan: $149.99/mo for up to 10,000 views
  • Unlimited plan: $299.99/mo

Features Offered

  • Visual builder for creating offers
  • Upsells and cross-sells for cart, product, thank you, and checkout pages
  • Autopilot creates offers based on user data
  • A/B testing and reporting
  • Supports free and virtual product upsells and cross-sells

#5 - Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell lets you create upsells and cross-sells before, during, and after checkout. You can create funnels that show multiple offers consecutively based on whether they accepted or rejected a previous offer, allowing you to tailor offers for each customer journey. 

They support post-purchase pages with one-click upsells to improve conversion rates and provide customization tools to build your offers how you want them to look. You’ll also be able to schedule specific upsell promotion periods, make changes based on product inventory, and set conditions based on cart contents and totals to ensure you’re giving relevant offers.

Bold Upsell is another app charging per view, which can be cost-prohibitive for stores new to upselling and struggling to maintain high conversion rates. They also keep features behind certain plans.

Pricing Features

Bold Upsell offers a 14-day free trial and five plan options, with certain features limited to higher-end plans:

  • Grow 200: $9.99 for up to 200 monthly upsell views
  • Grow 1K: $24.99 for up to 1,000 monthly upsell views
  • Grow 5K: $59.99 for up to 5,000 monthly views and enables cart drawer offers
  • Grow 50k: $199.99 for up to 50,000 monthly views and enables funnels
  • Unlimited Plus: $399.99 and enables in-checkout offers

Features Offered

  • Supports product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages with one-click upsells
  • Uses custom logic to show specific offers in your funnels
  • Schedulable offers for promotional periods
  • Integrated module editor within the Shopify Checkout editor
  • Enables conditions for cart contents or totals for targeting

Get Started With UpsellPlus Today With a Free 7-Day Trial

If you want a commission-free, all-in-one solution that’s user-friendly, easy to get started with, and offers exceptional customer support to resolve all your concerns, look no further than UpsellPlus.

During your 7-day free trial, you’ll see how easy it is to create your offers, build eye-catching offer modules, and track your performance with advanced analytics and reporting tools. Place one of your upsell offers on your cart drawer, cart page, checkout page, or post-purchase page, and see how UpsellPlus can help you grow your AOV.

Ready to start raking in more revenue? Get started with your free trial today and watch your AOV rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of ReConvert?

ReConvert is a specialty app that aims to do one aspect of upselling well: the post-purchase page. They give you a lot of tools to create and customize your offers and pages, but they lack other functionality that can have a big impact on your business.

ReConvert supports checkout upsells and post-purchase upsells, but they don’t currently have product and cart upsell functionality. These are two steps of the process where the customer can be influenced to make additional purchases, with cross-sells like Amazon’s “you may also like” thriving when presented on a product page, cart drawer, and cart page next to their original purchase.

ReConvert also doesn’t offer subscription upsells natively or through integration, which means you can’t secure upfront long-term subscriptions to grow your AOV or create reliable income over the length of the subscription, limiting the upside of your upsells.

What separates UpsellPlus from other upsell apps?

UpsellPlus is an all-in-one upsell and cross-sell app that anyone can use. The user-friendly interface and 5-star customer support makes it easier than ever to generate more revenue by using effective upsell and cross-sell offers. UpsellPlus is also cost-effective, taking no percentage of your sales or charging for each upsell view, making it easier to achieve a higher ROI. You’ll also unlock full functionality at much lower price tiers than other apps that restrict features to just the highest tiers.

With UpsellPlus, you can create cart upsells that include cart drawers and the cart page to engage customers when they’re in the mood to browse. UpsellPlus is also the market leader in Shopify checkout upsells, providing you with customization, styling, and positioning options that let you build modules that match your brand and provide a uniform experience throughout your sales funnel. It also supports post-purchase upsells, including custom pages with one-click upsell functionality to maximize your conversions when customers already have their wallets open.

Regardless of the size of your catalog or the specificity of the offers you want to create, the offer builder tool lets you take full control. You may use custom logic to ensure you’re building relevant upsells, or take advantage of the ShopBrain algorithm to build data-backed upsell and cross-sell offers for all of your products in a fraction of the time.

UpsellPlus also helps you improve your checkout process by integrating with checkout editor, language translation, multi-currency, and subscription apps so you can create engaging and high-converting checkout pages, scale your business to wider audiences, and secure high-value upfront or recurring payments with subscriptions.

How to get started with UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is easy to get started with – just download it from the Shopify app store to unlock your 7-day free trial. This test run includes all of the features you’ll need to grow your average order value, giving you the chance to see how UpsellPlus can help your business reach new heights.

If you run into any issues, customer support is happy to help you get set up and achieve the functionality you need from your Shopify upsell app. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Don’t leave money on the table any longer – get started with UpsellPlus today.

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