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Add Customizable Discounts to Your Offer

Create discounted upgrades, quantity increases, or bundle offers that encourage customers to stock up or go deluxe. Set fixed discounts for specific products to maintain effective margins.

Create Multiple Post-Purchase Offers

Build offer flows that give customers multiple chances to convert. Create customized bundle offers that go beyond just your initial product, like accessories. Provide upsells like personalization or BOGO deals to elevate their purchase. Offer upsells alongside cross-sells to give customers what they want – even if they don’t know it yet.

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Upsell One-Off Purchases to Subscriptions

Leverage UpsellPlus’s integrations to upgrade single purchases to subscriptions. Secure more revenue upfront and grow AOV with prepaid subscription terms, or lock-in consistent income each period throughout the subscription length.

Show Post Purchase Upsells Based on Conditions and Custom Rules

Show the right upsell or cross-sell every time to avoid frustrating customers. Use custom logic to control when an offer is displayed, including using variables like the product they’ve chosen or their order value as triggers.

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Get Started Today With Your Free 7-Day Trial

Ready to start generating more revenue? UpsellPlus offers a 7-day free trial for all plans so that you can give it a try and see why it’s your #1 post-purchase upsell app for Shopify. Learn more about our product on the Shopify App Store.