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Shopify checkout

Reduce checkout abandonment by customizing the Shopify Plus checkout

Built for the Shopify Plus checkout


Add trust badges

trust badges

Show trust badges, secure checkout details and highlight customers or partner logo's.

Validate addresses

Block the checkout if P.O. boxes or other non accepted addresses are entered

Show store policies

show store policies, like returns and shipping

Inform customers about custom duties. Share your return policy

Add payment icons

Instill trust by showing which payment methods you accept

Add custom fields

Allow shoppers to leave a gift note. Saved to the order

Show reviews

Instill trust by highlighting your happy customers

Hide delivery and payment methods

Hide pickup for subscriptions or bundles. Hide PayPal for shoppers from certain countries

Set display conditions

Show customizations based on tags, products, collections, shipping address and more!

Add upsells

Grow AOV with upsells

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I need a developer to set this up?
Can I automatically collapse the order summary?

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