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Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

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Advanced control

Reorder, hide, rename payment and delivery methods.


Checkout Plus

Show product recommendations

Add new functionality to your checkout with up -and cross-sells. Upsell to subscriptions.



Add customizations

Add gift note or delivery fields. Add images, text, banners, trust badges to inform customers and increase AOV.


Checkout Plus

The checkout apps used by 500+ Shopify Plus brands

Frequently asked questions

How can I still track my purchase events?
How can I customize the design of the checkout?
Do I need a developer to set this up?
Can I automatically collapse the order summary?

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We offer a migration service where we help you get all the functionality you need set up on the new checkout

1. Evaluate your current checkout

Analysis of your current checkout.liquid checkout. We'll create a list of the customizations and features that need to be brought over to the new checkout.

checkout extensions

2. Set up Checkout Extensions

Implement your customizations using our Shopify approved and recommend Checkout Extensions app.

checkout extensions


Checkout Plus

Checkout Extensions

3. Launch your new checkout

Set up your customizations in a new draft checkout profile, ready to be tested and previewed by you and your team. We launch when all is according to your liking!

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