What's the difference between checkout and post-purchase upsells?
Checkout upsells show on the checkout page. This is the page after the cart. It is very similar for all Shopify stores with the Information > Shipping > Payment steps displayed on the top.Post-purchase upsells show after an order has been completed. It will edit the existing order in your orders overview.

Why is my analytics dashboard not showing any data?
Analytics are updated once every 24h. You can fetch the live analytics by clicking 'Today' in your Analytics dashboard

Where are you based?
We're based in New York City!

How do I create an offer?

To create an offer, go to the 'Offers' tab in the app. Click 'Create offer' and choose the specifications you want.

How do I disable an offer?
Go to the 'Offers' tab. Find the offer you want to disable. Click 'disable' next to the offer. The badge will reflect the disabled status. The offer is now disabled

How can I add a discount to my checkout upsells?
We need a bit of a workaround as Shopify only allows 1 discount code per checkout. These are the 3 steps:

1/ Go to any checkout offer and scroll down to Customization, go to the Advanced tab.

2/ Choose the compare at price you want to show on the upsell. This will only change the text, not the price of the product itself

custom pricing for checkout upsell

3/ Click the 'Shopify Script Creator' to create a script. See these articles on how to create a script:

Where can I find my analytics?
Go to the 'Analytics' tab. All your analytics can be found there!

How often do analytics update?
Analytics update once every 24 hours or can be refreshed realtime when you click 'Today' on the analytics dashboard

How do I prioritize offers?
When in the 'Offers' tab, you can use the arrows to move an offer up or down in the priority ranking

Where can I find my receipt?
You are being billed through Shopify. The receipt will show on your Shopify invoice.

How do I install the app?
Go to the app listing: https://apps.shopify.com/upsellpluscheckout and click 'Add app'. Everything else is automatic!

How do I delete the app?
You can delete the app in your Shopify app dashboard. Just click 'delete' next to the app. Please share your feedback with us so we can solve your problem in our weekly product updates.

Does multi-currency work?
Yes! The upsells will use your store currency and format, even if the preview shows otherwise.

Can I use this if I'm not on Shopify Plus?
Unfortunately, no. Shopify only allows Plus merchants to modify the checkout.liquid file. This is how the app shows the upsell offer in checkout.

Can I use this app together with Dynamic Checkout Buttons?
Yes, if you're using the new Checkout Extensibility.

Not with Checkout.liquid. This is a Shopify limitation. It only allows for one product, so we can't add more to the cart.

Need more help? Check out our blog which has a ton of help articles!

Contact us at support@upsellplus.com or the chat in the bottom corner on the homepage! We're happy to help.