How do I create an offer? To create an offer, go to the 'Offers' tab in the app. Click 'Create offer' and choose the specifications you want.

How do I disable an offer? Go to the 'Offers' tab. Find the offer you want to disable. Click 'disable' next to the offer. The badge will reflect the disabled status. The offer is now disabled

Where can I find my analytics? Go to the 'Dashboard' tab. All your analytics can be found there!

How often do analytics update? Analytics update once every 24 hours

How do I prioritize offers?

Where can I find my receipt? You are being billed through Shopify.

How do I install the app? See this link for installation instructions

How do I delete the app? You can delete the app in your Shopify app dashboard. Just click 'delete' next to the app

Does multicurrency work? Yes!

Can I use this if I'm not on Shopify Plus? Unfortunately, no. Shopify only allows Plus merchants to modify the checkout.liquid file. This is how the app shows the upsell offer in checkout.

Can I use this app together with Dynamic Checkout Buttons? No. This is a Shopify limitation. It only allows for one product, so we can't add more to the cart.

Need more help? Contact us at support@upsellplus.com! We're happy to help