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How ALT Fragrances generates $80,000 per month with a mystery offer

Over $1 million in upsell revenue generated in less than a year
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Alt Fragrances
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ALT Fragrances wants to make the world a better (smelling) place by helping you smell your best regardless of your budget. They emulate popular fragrances from brands like Chanel, YSL, and Marc Jacobs, creating high-quality alternatives without the ‘brand tax’ you pay when buying from popular brands.

A benefit of these low-cost alternatives is that customers can discover new scents at a fraction of the price, which ALT Fragrances used as inspiration for their upsells.


Michael, the founder of ALT Fragrances, wanted to increase AOV with a simple offer. They had tried BOGO offers, discounts, bundling, and other methods to increase AOV, but none had a meaningful impact.

Their next idea was to implement a ‘Mystery Fragrance’ offer. This sample-sized fragrance was priced at 15% of their existing AOV, which gave customers the chance to try something new without buying a full bottle of something they might not like. 

Their goal was a 10% increase in AOV.


ALT Fragrances implemented a checkout upsell for their ‘Mystery Fragrance’ and showed it to all customers. They could add it to their order with one click at checkout, making it easy to tempt customers who were curious about other scents. Plus, they highlighted the value by mentioning the fragrance’s normal cost to encourage more impulse buys.

ALT also added post-purchase upsells for orders over $125, offering an additional item at 25% off to encourage high-spending customers to try something new or stock up.


The ‘Mystery Fragrance’ offer was a resounding success, achieving over 60,000 conversions and driving over $1 million in upsell revenue in 12 months, which grew their AOV by 8.7%.

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