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How Fashionable Canes increased their upsell revenue by 535% by implementing checkout upsells

Implementing a simple, yet effective upsell strategy based on a diverse product catalog
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Fashionable Canes
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Fashionable Canes sells canes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The canes are the core products with some accessories offered to live life with a cane: tips, hangers, cleaners etc.


The team at Fashionable Canes had tried to implement some upsells, but they weren’t generating meaningful revenue. The upsells were being taking from a pool of accessories, but didn’t match the style or size of the canes. The product assortment has 4 different cane sizes and needed the right size accessories to show for the right canes. 


We used our smart rules to set up a strong offer of 3 accessories for each size cane in checkout and post-purchase.

This made it simple for the shopper to understand and gave them peace of mind the accessory fit their cane.

If an accessory was already added to cart in checkout, it would be excluded from the offers on the post-purchase page


Fashionable Canes grew upsell revenue more than 5x within 10 days. We launched the updates around April 5th. You can see conversion and revenue increase after that as the new approach took effect.

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