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How Füm implemented a free gift with purchase for 500 influencers

Enabling onboarding 500 influencers with automated free gifts based on discount codes
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Füm’s mission is to help people quit smoking, cope with stress, and manage their focus with their interactive cigarette and vape alternative. Their Füm pipe simulates the action of smoking with a satisfying scent as a reward that doesn’t produce smoke or contain nicotine. This helps people transition from smoking without changing their daily routine. Plus, it’s built to help fidgeters and can act as a distraction for anxiety.


Füm is attempting to create social change. To do so they rely on social networking to expand. Their main acquisition channel is social media influencers. The influencers advertise their product, and each receives a custom discount code that gives customers they referred 10% off their purchase.

When it came time to try a different referral strategy, they had to find a way to block previous discounts, prevent code stacking, and change the referral benefit from a 10% discount to a free gift instead. With over 400 different influencer codes, it was too time-intensive and confusing to implement these changes manually for each code. They needed a smarter solution.


Füm used our smart rules to set up logic that automatically added a free gift to a customer’s cart when any of these 400 discount codes were entered at checkout.

They started by creating a discount in Shopify for their influencer codes that couldn’t be combined with other offers. They then created a checkout upsell that included their chosen free product, which used our “discount code” smart rule to trigger the upsell to automatically add the product to their order at a 100% discount when one of the codes was entered.


Füm successfully implemented this strategy for 500 influencers and was able to launch this new campaign to see how it affected conversion.

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