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From High Performance Supplements to Booming Business: How H.V.M.N. Used Checkout Upsells to Fuel Subscriber Growth

Taking subscriptions to the next level by offering upgrades in checkout
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H.V.M.N is Health Via Modern Nutrition, a company offering Ketone-IQ, a high-performance supplement that helps improve energy, focus, and performance. The supplement is used by high-level clients like scientists, billionaires, professional athletes, and celebrities that want to be their best selves.


After offering the ability to subscribe to their ketone products, they found that subscriptions were lower than expected. HVMN’s previous solution was only able to show the subscription options on the product page. 

The limited accessibility also meant that customers had to remove their one-time purchase from the cart and return to the product page if they wanted to subscribe. 

Additionally, HVMN was using Recharge and was considering moving to Skio, so they needed a solution that would integrate with both.


HVMN needed to increase their subscription conversions, so we helped them increase the visibility of their subscription upgrade by making it accessible with a checkout upsell.

We set up logic that allows customers to upgrade to a subscription at checkout via a checkout upsell. With a single click, it swaps out the one-time purchase with the corresponding 30-day subscription for 24 different products. Plus, we helped them customize the upsell to fit their branding for a seamless user experience.


By making it easier to upgrade to a subscription, HVMN was able to add 2500 new subscribers in 6 months and achieve a conversion rate of almost 25% on their subscription upsells. This led to an extra $70,000 in additional recurring subscription revenue every month!

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