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How Timeline Nutrition increased AOV by 75% using size upgrades

Growing AOV by upgrading to larger variants in checkout
Conversion rate
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Timeline Nutrition
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Timeline Nutrition offers supplements that have been shown to promote healthy aging, helping people live high-performance lives for longer before Father Time takes hold.


Timeline Nutrition wanted customers to buy the larger size options available for their core Mitopure® Softgels product. They offer 1, 2, 4, and 12-month supplies. Miost purchases were for a 1-month supply. 

They discovered that the 2- and 4-month sizes had the highest returning customer rate. They set out to find a way to incentivize shoppers to upgrade.


Timeline Nutrition implemented the option to upgrade to a larger variant in checkout. Shoppers could upgrade a 1-month supply to a 2-month supply and a 2-month supply to a 4-month supply with a volume discount.

Shoppers could accept Timeline's offer with just a single click at checkout. UpsellPlus automatically made sure the upgrade was applied to their cart.


Timeline achieved a 4.36% conversion rate on their offers. This led to more than 500 monthly upgrades and a 75+% increase in order value from shoppers that upgraded.

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