8 Best In Cart Upsell & Cart Drawer Apps for Shopify in 2024


Chris Rausch


April 9, 2024

Cart upsells, including cart drawer upsells, are a crucial pre-checkout upselling opportunity that you shouldn’t ignore. 

They offer creative and engaging ways to present your offers and tempt customers at a critical decision-making stage.

But, you need an in-cart upselling app that makes it easy to build, design, and convert your offers so you can generate more revenue with an increased AOV.

We’ll tell you why you need to offer in-cart upsells, what to look for in your app, and which apps you can consider for your Shopify store.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cart Upsells?

Carts are a valuable decision-making step of the buying process where customers look at the items they’re buying and decide whether they have everything they need. They’re already in the mood to add to their cart, so it’s easier to convince them to click another “add to cart” button.

Pre-checkout upsells, like cart upsells and cart drawer upsells, can help you tempt customers when they’re actively looking for products to buy. At the cart stage, a better deal for a larger purchase, upgraded products or newer models, and other items in a product line or collection can be tempting.

Cart upselling also gives you the opportunity to help complete your customer’s order with other items they may need. Adding a cross-sell like an accessory to your cart page shows a recommendation that both increases your average order value and helps your customer have a better experience – as long as you keep your offers relevant.

Picking The Best In-Cart Upsell App

You know you need a great cart page and cart drawer upsell app, but what does it look like? Here are some key features to look for to help you maximize your cart upsell conversions.

Multiple Upsell Types and Formats

The more options you have for creating, customizing, and presenting your upsells and cross-sells, the more likely you’ll be able to build an offer that converts.

Your app should be able to place cart, cart drawer, pop-up, and as many other upsell types as possible. You should also be able to control where they’re shown so you can optimize your strategy. For example, you may find upsells perform better at the top of the page than at the bottom – and your cart upselling app should let you do that.

Custom Logic for Showing Offers

Upselling needs to make sense if you want to make dollars. Cross-selling a fishing pole to someone who buys an outdoor chair doesn’t make as much sense as offering the chair to someone buying a fishing pole. You also wouldn’t offer an iPhone case for an Android phone or a warranty for consumables.

You should be able to control when your offer is shown. Cart contents, cart totals, customer locations, and other criteria may be used to make sure each offer you make is relevant to avoid bothering customers with “spammy” offers.

Urgency and Progression Elements

The stage after a customer adds a product to their cart can drag out for a long time. They may browse more products, check another site’s pricing, or just leave after “window shopping.”

Cart upsell apps can have elements that encourage customers to decide quickly. Your upsell may include a countdown timer or say that there are only a few left to show that it’s a limited-time offer. If you’re lucky, it’ll be enough to get them to visit the checkout page.

Alternatively, your cart upsells can include progression widgets that show how close they are to free gifts, free shipping, or other bonuses. These aren’t always direct upsell or cross-sell offers themselves, but they’re another way to encourage customers to add more products to their carts to improve your AOV.

AI-Assisted Recommendations

It can be hard to know exactly what products will perform best as an upsell for every product in your store. Checking analytics and creating each offer manually is far too time-intensive, so apps that offer AI-assisted recommendations can save you time and improve performance by building promising offers.

Bundling and Discount Options

A customer may want a wide range of different upsells and cross-sells. However, two things are always crowd favorites: choosing your own products and getting a significant discount.

Cart upsells are a great place for bundling options, either through “build your own” or pre-built bundles they can choose from. Your app may let you create multi-product discounts that let customers choose which products they want at a reduced price.

More discount types can also help convert your offers. Bulk discounts, BOGO, free gifts or shipping, and discounts that trigger at a certain cart total can all help increase your average order value – you’ll just need to experiment to see what customers are most responsive to.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile sales make up approximately 60% of all e-commerce sales. Using an upselling app that doesn’t have responsive offer modules or widgets can cut your conversion rates in more than half and look unprofessional enough to potentially prevent a sale entirely.

Your in-cart and cart drawer upsell app should be responsive by default and should offer positioning that’s based on the screen size. For example, stacked offers may fit better for mobile screens than a carousel that requires interaction. In some cases, your app may even be able to change the format dynamically for desktop and mobile visitors.

Top 8 Shopify In Cart Upsell and Cart Drawer Apps

Upselling presents a low-risk opportunity to generate more revenue with a higher AOV. When done correctly, you’ll also be able to help provide a more complete shopping experience cor your customers.

Upsells at the cart stage provide an opportunity for you to convince your customer to keep filling up their basket. It’s often an impulsive upsell that relies on being visible, tempting, and easy to accept, so your in cart upsell app needs to have the tools to help you create offers that they can’t help but accept.

Let’s dive into some of the best cart upsell apps for Shopify for you to consider.


UpsellPlus offers cart page and cart drawer upsells, along with checkout and post-purchase upsells, to give you as many opportunities to convert your offers as possible. You’ll also have access to a wide range of features that make your offers more engaging, improve conversions, and grow your average order value.

You can add your offer modules to multiple positions on your cart page, including the top or bottom, similar to Amazon’s “you may also like” format. UpsellPlus also lets you add them to your cart drawer through a slide-out panel that holds multiple offers. Each offer can be accepted with a single click that adds the item to their cart with the discount included, making it as streamlined as possible to avoid interrupting the sales process.

UpsellPlus offers a code-free visual builder that lets you create your offers while the changes happen in real-time, helping to speed up your creation process. You can choose between stacked, carousel, and dynamic formats that adjust based on the screen size and add multi-product offers or funnels, including multiple offers, to your sales process.

Custom rules and logic settings allow you to control which offers are shown in your cart upsells to ensure you’re offering valuable and relevant products and upgrades. You can also use the ShopBrain algorithm to create AI-recommended offers that use customer behavior data to create cross-sells of products customers usually buy together.

UpsellPlus also provides multiple discount types for your offers, including bundling, BOGO, percentage-based discounts, flat discounts, and subscription upsells to help you find what works best. If one isn’t successful, your multi-offer funnel can include a different type of upsell or cross-sell to find what they’re looking for.

Finally, UpsellPlus is built for enterprise stores. It’s able to scale to meet Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic increases without slowing down your site. It also has currency and language integrations to help you pitch your upsells to a wider audience more easily.


  • Cart drawer and cart page upsells, along with checkout and post-purchase functionality
  • Responsive offer module formatting to improve visibility
  • Custom rules and logic to only show relevant offers
  • AI-assisted recommendations using real customer behavior data
  • Visual builder to make designing and styling offers more easy
  • International support and scaling based on demand.


UpsellPlus offers a 7-day free trial for paid plans, which are priced based on your monthly upsell revenue.

  • Launch Plan: $49, up to $500 per month in upsell revenue
  • Pro Plan: $119, up to $3,000 per month in upsell revenue
  • Advanced Plan: $199, up to $10,000 per month in upsell revenue
  • Scale Plan: $299, up to $15,000 per month in upsell revenue
  • Additional scale plans are available up to $50,000 per month in upsell revenue
  • Unlimited Plan: $799/mo for unlimited revenue


Upcart, AfterSell’s cart drawer app, is built specifically for cart drawer upselling. It provides you with a variety of different tools and elements that you can use to create engaging and high-converting offers while also making your cart drawer look good. 

You’ll use blocks that you add to your cart drawer, similar to Shopify’s page editor, that can include AI-recommended upsells and cross-sells with “add to cart” button, or one-click add-ons that can be toggled directly in the cart. Other elements like a timer banner and progress bar can also be added to help create urgency for your offers.

Upcart doesn’t include support for your cart page (or any of the other steps of the sales process), so it’s not going to be a complete solution for you. You’ll need other apps for a comprehensive upselling strategy.


  • Fully customizable cart drawer
  • Modular blocks that you can add to your crawler visually
  • Time and progress bar elements
  • Multi-product carousels
  • AI-recommended offers
  • Sticky cart button to improve offer visibility


Upcart provides a 14-day free trial. Their plans are based on the number of monthly orders your store has, not just the number of upsell orders:

  • $14.99/mo for up to 50 orders per month
  • $19.99/mo for up to 200 orders per month
  • $34.99/mo for up to 500 orders per month

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell supports upselling and cross-selling on both the cart page and cart drawer. You can build your offers by hand or with the help of AI that uses data to determine which items pair well together. You can use custom logic to show specific offers when certain rules are met like cart contents and cart totals. The app also includes in-depth reporting and A/B testing functionality that helps refine your strategy to increase conversions.

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell is cart-specific, so you’ll have to use an additional app for checkout and post-purchase upsells if you want a complete solution. It also lacks styling, which can lead to some basic-looking offer modules that can struggle to stand out.


  • Product page, cart drawer, and cart page upsells
  • Custom logic and rules to trigger specific offers
  • AI-assisted recommendations
  • Advanced reporting and A/B testing
  • Desktop and mobile-specific layouts


In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell offers a 30-day free trial and plans based on the type of Shopify plan you’re using.

  • Free: 1 upsell, which includes their branding in the module
  • Shopify Basic: $19.99 per month
  • Shopify Standard: $29.99 per month
  • Shopify Advanced: $59.99 per month
  • Shopify Plus: $99.99 per month


iCart lets you upsell on the cart page, cart drawer, and popup cart windows that capture customers’ attention. You can create upsells and cross-sells using custom logic to control which offers are shown and apply discounts, offer free gifts, and set a free shipping requirement. A code-free interface lets you use widgets to assemble your pages and drawers to fit your style and improve the visibility of your offers.

iCart doesn’t support the other stages of the sales process and doesn’t include AI-assisted offer creation, which means you’ll have to spend more time setting up your complete upselling plan for the best results.


  • Cart page, cart drawer, and popup upselling and cross-selling
  • Visual page builder using widgets
  • Versatile discounts and free gift minimum
  • Progress bars and loyalty elements


After iCart’s 14-day free trial, you can choose a plan based on your store’s monthly orders:

  • $12.99/mo for up to 50 orders
  • $19.99/mo for up to 100 orders
  • $29.99/mo for up to 200 orders
  • More limited plans are available up to 2,000 orders
  • $199.99/mo for unlimited orders

Monster Cart Upsell

Monster Cart Upsell gives you a ton of tools to customize your cart drawer to fit your brand and generate more revenue. It works with upsells and cross-sells like add-ons and product recommendations, including one-tick offers that use a checkbox to increase their spending directly within the cart. You can style all of the text, images, and buttons as well as add a variety of custom elements to the drawer, including progress bars, free item requirements, quantity discounts, bundling, and more.

Monster Cart doesn’t work on your standard cart page, however, so you may miss out on some opportunities to present an upsell offer.


  • Shopify machine learning for product recommendations
  • Urgency and progress elements embeddable in the drawer
  • One-tick upsells and cross-sell additions
  • Tiered discounts and bulk pricing
  • One-click upsells on post-purchase offers


Monster Cart Upsell offers a 10-day free trial. Paid plans are based on your monthly store orders.

  • $12.99/mo for up to 50 monthly orders
  • $21.99/mo for up to 200 monthly orders
  • $36.99/mo for up to 500 monthly orders
  • $91.99/mo up to 2,000 monthly orders
  • $134.99 for unlimited orders

Monk Cart Upsell

Monk Cart Upsell is a versatile upselling app that works for cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. You can use it to customize your cart page and drawer with product recommendations, upsells you can toggle on, subscription upgrades, progress bars, free gifts or shipping, and discounted bundling or volume discounts.

Offers can be targeted using their eligibility engine based on cart contents, cart value, types of products, order history, and more. Monk Cart provides an in-app builder that lets you customize the look and feel of your offers along with CSS for more advanced functionality.

Monk Cart doesn’t offer AI-assisted offer creation, making it hard to get the most out of the app if you have a large catalog.


  • Cart page, drawer, checkout, and post-purchase support
  • Progress and reward bars
  • Free gifts and shipping thresholds
  • Quantity discounts and bundling
  • One-click toggle upsells and subscription upsells


Monk Cart provides a 7-day free trial. Paid plans are based on total store orders.

  • Growth I: $30 per month for up to 500 monthly orders
  • Growth II: $80 per month for up to 1,000 monthly orders
  • Growth III: $170 per month for up to 3,000 monthly orders

Slide Cart Drawer

Slide Cart Drawer is a cart drawer-only upselling and cross-selling app that focuses on customization. You can style the drawer's colors, layout, elements, and look to match your branding and engage customers to draw attention to your upsells. Offers can be placed in multiple locations using the simple drawer builder to help you test to see what customers respond to best. Available elements include progress bars, timers, free gift thresholds, product recommendations, notes, bundling, volume discounts, and other offers.

As the name suggests, Slide Cart Drawer focuses on the drawer only, so your cart page itself will be lacking. It also requires manual offer creation, which can take a lot of time, so you may have to focus on your best sellers if you have a wide catalog.


  • Full customization and drawer building
  • Progression, timer, and trust elements
  • Upsells and cross-sells with discount options
  • Free item requirements


Slide Cart Drawer offers a 5-day free trial for all of their paid plans, which are based on the tier of your Shopify store subscription.

  • Shopify Basic: $19.99 per month
  • Shopify Plan: $29.99 per month
  • Shopify Advanced: $59.99 per month
  • Shopify Plus: $99.99 per month

qikify Slide Cart Drawer

qikify Slide Cart Drawer enables a slide-out cart drawer where you can add upsells, cross-sells, and other elements to help sell your offers. It acts as your cart page without customers needing to be redirected to a different page every time they add a new product to help avoid disruptions. You can add free shipping and other progress bars, product recommendations, checkbox upsells, and other order information like notes, shipping estimates, and discount code access. qikify also places a sticky cart icon on each page to make the cart accessible and lets you add a sticky upsell offer to the bottom of product pages.

qikify is strictly for cart drawer upsells, so you’ll need other apps for the rest of the upselling process. You won’t have the same customizations available for the cart page itself, so you’ll have to rely on them using the cart drawer for the best experience. It also doesn’t use AI-assisted offer creation, which limits your ability to implement multiple upsell types.


  • Sticky cart button and offer module
  • Estimate shipping, add notes, and apply discounts in the drawer
  • Progress bars, countdown timers, and trust elements


qikify offers a 30-day free trial for all of their paid plans as well as a free plan.

  • Free plan: up to 50 monthly orders
  • Basic: $3.99/mo for up to 99 monthly orders
  • Premium: $6.99/mo up to 199 monthly orders
  • Pro: $14.99/mo up to 499 monthly orders

Picking The Best In Cart Upsell & Cart Drawer App

Your upselling app controls what you can do with your offers, which means it determines how successful you’ll be at increasing your AOV and revenue. So, you need the best upsell and cart drawer app possible.

UpsellPlus is an all-in-one solution that offers exceptional upselling features for carts along with all other steps of the sales process. With it, you’ll only have to learn one interface, pay for one plan, and not have to worry about multiple apps’ compatibility issues breaking your checkout and costing you money.

You can customize your cart page, add an Ajax cart drawer upsell, create product page popups, and more while your customer is in the mood to shop. Then, the checkout upsells will help seal the deal, while post-purchase upsells make one last risk-free offer on the way out.

Keep your upselling simple yet effective. Start your 7-day free trial of UpsellPlus today to see how valuable adding upselling to your entire sales process can be.

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