Best practices for checkout and post-purchase upsells

Best practices for checkout and post-purchase upsells

Jaap Vergote
November 9, 2022

Across the Shopify Plus brands we work with, this is what works best for end of funnel upsells.

Checkout page

1/ Keep the price <1/3rd of your AOV

2/ Keep it simple

3/ Don’t show too many options

Think of any upsell action you’ve encountered in real life at the checkout register. The items are all rounders that are simple to understand and cost a lot less than what you’re buying. Think candy at the supermarket, car insurance renting a car, iPhone AppleCare,...

Post-purchase page

1/ Price around 70% of your AOV

2/ Add a meaningful discount of at least 20%

3/ Show one of your bestsellers 

You have more space on the post-purchase page, which allows to sell more complex products. The more a product costs, the more explanation the customer will want to see to make sure it’s a good purchase. 

Selling cycling clothing and the customer just bought a kit (bib + jersey)? Offer another jersey at 40% off. Conversion will skyrocket.

People are still in buying mode and are feeling the dopamine of having just completed a purchase.

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