Checkout Upsell with 20% Conversion Rate

Jaap Vergote


Jaap Vergote


June 28, 2022

This is the best checkout upsell conversion rate we've seen in 2022.

We love it for its simplicity. We always advise merchants to keep upsells:

One of our clients had the ideal product catalog, upsell product and plenty of checkout traffic. Combining this, they saw a 20.1% conversion rate in their first month with checkout upsells. 1 in 5 customers!

Here’s their checkout:

It’s just clear and simple.

What we like:

This specific setup doesn’t work for all brands as your product catalog, checkout, and AOV is unique. But we love the simplicity here!

We help brands set up the best upsell configuration to hit your goals. Reach out at if you want to learn what that would look like for your brand.

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