Checkout upsells for international Shopify Plus stores


Jaap Vergote


October 11, 2022

If you have a Shopify Plus store that sells in different countries, in different currencies and different languages, you’re familiar with the challenge to localize your store.

With UpsellPlus we worked closely with large international stores to implement everything they needed for their upsells to work well for all their customers worldwide. An overview:

1/ Multi-language

  • The store language gets adapted for the ‘Remove’ button in checkout
  • The upsell can display any language or writing orientation (LTR, RTL)

2/ Multi-currency

  • The checkout, cart and post-purchase upsell will show in the currency the customer is browsing in, based on your store’s localization logic (ex: If browsing from UK, show prices in pounds)
  • The checkout upsells will adjust pricing following your Shopify Markets settings. $60 will become £65 or €63 depending on your Shopify Markets configuration
  • Upsell previews will be shown in the store’s default currency and currency format

clients worldwide

3/ Customer support

UpsellPlus provides customer support with live chat and email support. We cover all timezones and work with clients from the US, Argentina, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Dubai (UAE), Israel, Canada, Malaysia, Colombia, Norway, Bolivia, Spain and Australia. We speak Chinese, English, French, Dutch and a bit of German!

If you’re looking for an upsell solution for an international store, we’re happy to help!

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