Closing the deal: how a one-page checkout can increase your store's conversions


Chris Rausch


May 14, 2023

Is your checkout process working for you?

Your checkout page (or pages) should be your site's most efficient, streamlined, and effective page. If it’s not, you may need to consider changing to a one-page checkout in Shopify.

In this article, we’ll explain what a one-page checkout is and why you want to consider it for your store.

What is a Shopify one-page checkout?

Checkout processes vary extensively by the platform they’re hosted on, the industry of the business, and the specific store’s preferences where it can be found. You’ve likely seen the standard 3-page process that includes contact, shipping, and payment information pages that you progress through until completing the purchase and reaching the post-purchase page.

With a one-page checkout, those three steps are concentrated into a single page - the one-page checkout for Shopify.

In many cases, the same information that would be included in the 3-page checkout will be included in the one-page checkout, but it will be organized differently to make everything fit without creating a poor user experience. These elements include account information, shipping and billing fields, cart details, delivery options, payment methods, and other essential information.

The benefits of a one-page checkout for Shopify

one page checkout shopify conversion rate

A Shopify one-page checkout has a number of benefits that can help to improve your conversion rates and lower cart abandonment. 

These benefits include:

Shorter checkout processes

When it comes to making a purchase, you want to be done as soon as possible with minimal friction. As a business, you want to remove any limitations or hurdles that customers go through to complete their purchase so that you can minimize the chances of them changing their mind. So, finding ways to shorten the checkout process - both in terms of time and effort - is essential.

In a Shopify one-page checkout, everything is available and accessible to customers in a single location. The fields to fill in are provided, all relevant information is visible, and it’s easy to add payment information while keeping an eye on the order total. All of these elements help to improve conversion rates for better revenue generation to help your business thrive.

No surprises

Trust is an essential part of an online business’s checkout process. Due to the faceless and impersonal nature of buying things online, you need to do everything you can to uphold the faith of your customers - and if they feel misled, they’re as good as gone.

Approximately 16% of customers abandon their carts because they can’t see the final cost upfront in the checkout process, including shipping, tax, and other fees. In traditional multi-page checkouts, customers may have to enter all their information before getting a final cost for everything. If this number isn’t what they expected after they gave you their information, it’s possible that their frustration may cost you a sale.

Your Shopify one-page checkout places everything on one page, removing the potential for customers to get frustrated about a lack of clarity on pricing.

Fewer clicks

The less you ask of a customer to complete a purchase, the better your chances at conversion. This is because you can implement conversion rate optimization strategies like introducing FOMO to get customers to make commitments and decisions more urgently, improving the chances of converting an upsell, cross-sell, or sale.

One-page checkout for Shopify only requires you to click one button to complete the sale, making it as simple as possible for them to commit to completing the purchase and increasing the odds you’re successful.

Fewer page loads

Attention spans on the internet are very short - as little as 8 seconds - so idle time in your checkout is a major problem. Most of the time, this comes as a result of switching between the pages of your checkout process while customers complete purchases. If your site isn’t well-optimized or your checkout process is complex, there’s a chance that customers may just give up.

With a one-page checkout for Shopify, you only have to worry about two loading sequences - the page loading and the purchase processing. With all of the information included on a single page, they can complete the whole process without stopping, allowing you to minimize the risk of them moving on.

How to make the most of a one-page checkout in Shopify

If you’re ready to get started with a one-page checkout in Shopify, keep these tips in mind to help set yourself up for success.

Customize the styling

No matter what kind of checkout page you implement, it’s still important that you earn your customers’ trust. When customers arrive at your checkout, they shouldn’t find an unbranded, default checkout page - and if they do, it won’t be good for conversions.

Be sure to add branding elements like logos, change colors to your company’s branding, match fonts, embed trust elements, and do anything else you can to make the page look as professional, on-brand, and effective as possible.

Make important elements stand out

One issue that may arise with one-page checkout for Shopify is the number of elements interfering with each other. If you don’t make an effort to organize your page, it’s possible that important elements may be missed.

If possible, consider changing the colors of the most important elements of your checkout page so that they catch the eye of the customer. Shipping options, payment options, the “place order” button, and upsells and cross-sell offers are all parts you could highlight with an accent color to ensure they aren’t missed.

Add a cross-sell and upsell app for Shopify

upsell and cross sell shopify one page checkout

With the improvement in conversions that your Shopify one-page checkout provides, why not take advantage of more sales by increasing the value of each individual sale for improved revenue?

By using a Shopify upsell app, you’re able to grow your AOV with high-value offers that help to increase the AOV in your store, making each sale more valuable and allowing you to grow your business with improved profit margins.

Integrate upsells and cross-sells into your Shopify one-page checkout with UpsellPlus

To make the most of your Shopify one-page checkout, you need an effective upsell app for Shopify that lets you create offers that convert as well as the rest of your checkout page.

UpsellPlus allows you to create your own upsells and cross-sells at checkout or use their algorithm to help find the best recommendations to make for each product. Use logic to create offer flows and A/B testing to see what works best for your business, while simple branding tools help to ensure your offers stand out for maximum conversions.

Get started with a 7-day free trial today.

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