Conversion rate optimization for Shopify Plus


Jaap Vergote


October 20, 2022

The ability to control your checkout on Shopify Plus is a powerful tool to improve conversion. We made an overview of the core methods you can use to achieve higher conversion.

1. Make the customer trust you

Show trust badges like verified payment methods and security to convey to the customer your checkout and business are legit, safe and trustworthy.

shopify plus trust badges

Show customer reviews to use social proof.

customer reviews in shopify plus checkout

Give a satisfaction, warranty or shipping guarantee.

guarantees in shopify plus checkout


2. Offer cheaper shipping options

To avoid people dropping off due to having to pay too much for shipping, offer cheaper options. A fun trick is to give first time customers free shipping. You can use this Shopify Script to surprise 1st time customers with unadvertised free shipping.

3. Add a checkout timer/urgency

Create some urgency to complete the checkout with a timer in the checkout.

countdown timer in shopify plus checkout


4. Multiple payment solutions (including BNPL) 

Offer localized payment methods or payment plans that fit your target audience. Shoppers in different countries prefer different payment methods. Some like BNPL, others don’t. Display these payment methods clearly and upfront so customers know they can use what they prefer when they start the checkout.

payment methods in shopify plus checkout


5. Localize the checkout flow

Use Shopify Markets to localize the language and currency of the checkout. If a shopper can’t shop in their language and currency or use their preferred payment method, the chances of completing the flow drops significantly.


hebrew RTL with checkout upsell in shopify plus checkout did a great job with a checkout that is perfected in Hebrew: RTL format, ILS currency and localized upsells

We offer packages to implement these customizations in your checkout. See some of our work on or reach us in the chat on this website.

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