Does an accepted post-purchase offer create a new order in Shopify?

Does an accepted post-purchase offer create a new order in Shopify?

Jaap Vergote
October 10, 2022

A Shopify store’s anatomy looks like this:

Landing Page > Product Page (PDP) > Cart > Checkout > Post-Purchase (optional) > Thank You page

When you have post-purchase offers set up, a customer can add to their initial purchase with an upsell that appears on a page after they’ve checked out.

post-purchase offer shopify
The post-purchase offer page

But how does this work in your Shopify backend? Does it create two offers? What about fulfillment?

The Shopify checkout can be modified by apps using checkout extensions. The post-purchase page is such an extension. The original order will be modified by the extension and the app that controls the extension. The post-purchase upsells product gets added to the original order and the credit card of the customer will get charged a second time for the post-purchase product total.

You’ll see this reflected in the order history. This also allows your orders to be sent correctly to fulfillment.

post purchase order shopify

This is all integrated and built into the UpsellPlus app and allows you to create a customized post-purchase page that fits your store and products.

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