Grow AOV by adding a Free Shipping upsell widget to your Checkout

Jaap Vergote


Jaap Vergote


November 21, 2022

To grow your AOV, you can implement a checkout upsell that only appears when the customer is checking out with a cart total that’s less than the free shipping threshold. Some examples.

Most of Caudabe’s products are under the free shipping threshold of $45. It’s a smart strategy to increase AOV. Adding a screen protector to the case you’re buying for your new phone is an excellent cross sell.

BuDhaGirl offers free shipping over $100. To grow their AOV they implemented a 3-tiered checkout upsell strategy:

Tier 1: cart total between $50 and $79: offer medium priced items that get the cart total over $79.

Tier 2: cart total between $79 and $100: offer lower priced items that get the cart total over $100.

Tier 3: recommend items that pair well with the cart contents with automatic AI powered upsells.

This nudges the customer closer to the free shipping threshold, without trying to double the cart total from $50-$60 to $100+ in one go. The tiers help break up the cart total changes for the customer, which makes it more appealing.

If you're looking to implement a similar incentive to grow AOV, we're happy to help you set this up! Reach out to us in the chat on the website or add the UpsellPlus app and configure the offers.

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