How to add premium services to your Shopify checkout


Jaap Vergote


August 8, 2022

To increase revenue and profit, merchants are offering services to their customers that are high margin.

Some examples:

  • Premium warranty
  • Package shipping insurance
  • Extended return window

These are very common when making travel purchases. Think of Expedia or any airline website.

- 'Do you want to insure your trip?’ 

- ‘Do you want to purchase Farelock to guarantee the current price?’

How to increase AOV with premium services

Great ways to increase AOV, revenue, and mostly profit. Most of these services have low costs. You can offer these in your checkout by:

1. Creating a product for the service

In your Shopify admin > Products > Add product. Configure the detail as you wish.

For quantity, make sure to keep selling the service product when it would go out of stock.


For service products, it’s important to not require shipping. Deselect the ‘This is a physical product’ checkbox.

2. Adding a checkout upsell

Using UpsellPlus, you can create a checkout upsell for your service product.

Go to the app > Create New Offer > Checkout > Add the product you just configured.

Tweak the design, discounts, and smart rules to make it match your website and product catalog.

Here’s an example of how sells 2 year warranty:

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