How to avoid discounted upsells to be bought when conditions for a discount are no longer met


Jaap Vergote


June 22, 2022

When offering upsells, adding a discount helps conversion.

If a shopper unlocks upsells due to certain cart conditions being met, they can add those with a discount. This won’t stop the shopper from removing certain items from cart later in the process. This could cause the discounted upsell item to be bought when the conditions for the discount are no longer met.

This happens often when a store offers a second similar item at a lower price.

You can avoid this happening by adding your version of the following code to your Shopify Scripts when using UpsellPlus checkout upsells.

You'll need to replace

REQUIRED_PRODUCT_ID = 'X' with the product ID of your product

MINIMUM_CART_VAL = 'X' with the minimum cart value

And the '0.60' with the discount you want to apply

This script will only add the discount if the required product is in cart, a minimum cart value is met. If the conditions are no longer met, the discounted product will be removed.

Want to learn more on how to implement this? Talk to us at or through the chat.

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