How to enable localized currencies for your upsells


Jaap Vergote


August 15, 2022

Adding a Shopify upsell at checkout can do wonders. But shoppers want to shop in their own currency. You want to show the upsell and checkout in their localized currency. The benefits are:

  • You instill trust and avoid confusion for the shopper
  • It lets you price your product in the shoppers local currency
  • You can think about shipping costs

Most upsell apps do not offer this functionality. It is required for large Shopify Plus stores that sell and ship internationally. UpsellPlus worked with to build this functionality based on their feedback. 

Here’s what a shopper sees when they’re not logged in or haven’t entered an address yet. Based on the location they’re browsing from, the currency is USD ($).

US checkout

When the customer adds their address (UK as example) a couple of things happen:

  • The cart currency changes to GBP (£)
  • The cart total is converted to GBP from USD, but with round pricing. $80 USD = £66.26GBP. Here we get a nice round £60 GBP.
  • The upsell price follows the cart behavior: currency and total changes

UK checkout

With this new functionality, all Shopify Plus stores can benefit from localized checkout upsells.

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