How to enable Shopify Plus checkout.liquid customizations

How to enable Shopify Plus checkout.liquid customizations

Jaap Vergote
June 13, 2022

If you’re on Shopify Plus, you can customize your Shopify checkout. You can access the checkout code to make changes to make your brand experience unique.

The standard Shopify checkout looks like this:

Simple. Spartan. It works, but if you’re really connecting with your customers, you want to customize this experience.

Here are some Shopify Plus brands that have a done a great deal of customization:

If you want to customize the appearance of your checkout, you’ll need two things:

1/ Be on Shopify Plus

2/ Request checkout.liquid access from Shopify

The second step is an important one. If you don’t ask for permission, you can see the checkout.liquid file in your theme code, but any changes you make won’t be saved.

You can request access by going to your Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code > Layout > Confirm you can see the checkout.liquid file.

If you don’t see it, click ‘Add a new layout’ > select ‘checkout’ and give it a name > Create layout.

Now you’ll need to reach out to your Shopify Account Manager or Shopify support.  Send them an email that says: ‘I want the checkout.liquid customization enabled.’ The store owner will have to confirm this.

Once the customization is enabled, you can get started!

If you're looking to customize your checkout, we can help: our team at can make any customization happen.

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