How to enable upsells in the checkout editor


Jaap Vergote


September 13, 2022

To launch an upsell you created with UpsellPlus in your checkout using Checkout Extensions, you’ll use the Checkout Editor in your Shopify admin settings.

1. Click the big green button: ‘Go to Checkout Editor’

When you've set up your upsell, you'll see this screen guiding you to your Checkout Editor.

Click 'Go to checkout editor' button

This will link to the Checkout Editor in your store Settings. You can also go to your store admin Settings > Checkout and accounts > Checkout editor.

2. Click 'Add app' in the bottom left corner

Select the UpsellPlus Extension. Tick the box for ‘Include app in express checkout’ to enable the upsells for Shop Pay and other express checkouts. Return to the full sidebar to position the upsell.

Add the app to the checkout

3. Select a location for the upsell

Drag the upsell up or down in the sidebar by clicking and dragging the six dots next to the app extension. You can select which page (Information, Shipping, Payment) the upsell shows on by selecting the page from the dropdown at the top of the page.

Drag and drop the extension to position the upsell

4. Click 'Save' in the top right corner

Once you’ve saved it, you're almost done! Your upsell will be live in the checkout.

Click 'Save' in the top right corner

5. Return to the UpsellPlus app and click ‘Mark as done’

If you’re having trouble setting this up, let us know in the live chat in the app!

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