How to grow AOV with variant matching


Jaap Vergote


August 18, 2022

When you’re buying a pair of shorts and figured out your size is Medium, you probably won’t buy a recommended pair in a different size.

When upselling products, variant matching can improve conversion. We worked with and to build our Variant Smart Rule engine.

With these smart rules, you can configure the variant the upsell product will be shown in, based on the variant of the cart product.

This helps merchants that sell products with flavors and sizes.

A couple of examples: sells athlete nutrition. Think gels, energy bars, you name it. They want to offer a larger size of the item in cart, but with the same flavor.

“If the user chooses "Orange / Single Serving" then at checkout we want to upsell to "Orange / Box of 10"... but never from "Sour Cherry / Single Serve" to "Orange / Box of 10"

MR MARVIS sells shorts and trousers in almost every color you can imagine. They want to show the customer another pair of shorts as an upsell. This upsell should show in the same size as the cart size.

We configured the logic so that if the cart product is in the ‘Shorts’ collection, in any size, the upsell will match that size.

This helps large Shopify Plus stores upsell smarter, which helps improve conversion. Reach out if you want to upsell variants effectively on your store.

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