How to handle very large collections with the Shopify API limits


Jaap Vergote


October 11, 2022

One of our clients were running into a problem:

1/ A large international clothing brand had 20,000 products in their catalog. They wanted to show upsell A when there were women’s clothes in cart and upsell B when there were men’s products in cart. The men’s and women’s collection each had about 8,000 products.

Shopify’s API limits would prevent this upsell from showing correctly. With UpsellPlus this store was able to handle these large thousand product collections to configure conditional logic.

2/ A large women’s fashion brand with 1.5M unique visitors per month wanted to upsell priority processing to their customers. They wanted to show this upsell to all carts, except to carts that contained a custom order that required custom stitching or embroidery. This collection of custom products had 600 products. 

Using UpsellPlus this store was able to show the upsell only to the customers that didn’t buy a custom product. They were off to the races and are now selling a Priority Processing package every 4 minutes. 

What problem did these merchants run into?

Shopify’s API’s allow to pull 250 products at one time. If you have a store with much more products and want to set up the following logic:

Show upsell A IF cart cointains a product part of Collection A (collection A has 2000 products)

The Shopify API will only return 250 products from that collection, which will make your conditional logic fail for the other 1750 products.


The Shopify API returns an error suggesting bulk operation queries. This wasn’t a good solution because it would slow down the loading times of the upsells on the merchant’s pages. Our engineering team built a faster solution so these large merchants could continue selling.

We’re building solutions for the largest Shopify Plus brands and we release new product improvements twice per week. Using UpsellPlus means you’re using the latest technology used by the largest brands in the Shopify ecosystem.

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