Setting up your Shopify checkout donation strategy

Setting up your Shopify checkout donation strategy

Jaap Vergote
November 9, 2022

When you’re shopping at a supermarket, you sometimes have the option to donate to a good cause at the checkout register. You’re already paying for the items in your cart, so adding a small donation at that point in the shopping journey is ideal.

Here are some examples of brands who used UpsellPlus and Shopify Plus to set this up in their checkout.

Bottles & Burps wanted to support Ukrainian refugees, as their production is in Germany and could help people with temporary housing.

bottles and burps checkout donation

Hudson Grace wanted to help people donate to the red cross over the Holiday period. They highlight a $5 and a $10 donation.

hudson grace checkout donation

To set this up:

  1. Install the UpsellPlus app on your Shopify Plus store
  2. Create a donation product in your Products. Add variants to the product for the different donation amounts. Add a product image so people can see what they’re donating too.
  3. Go to the UpsellPlus app > Create offer > Checkout > Select the newly created donation product. Customize as desired. Save and publish.

Optional: add a post-purchase offer asking for a smaller donation. This post-purchase offer would only show when the checkout donation wasn't added to cart.

Want to add donations to your checkout? Install the UpsellPlus app to your store and we can help with the setup.

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