How to leverage consumer psychology on your Shopify store

How to leverage consumer psychology on your Shopify store

Jaap Vergote
November 4, 2021

Every business asks the question: how do my customers think?

In ecommerce there are a variety of psychological factors at play. From the moment someone sits down with their phone or computer and sees an ad to the moment their package arrives. Let’s have a look at the buyer’s journey from a psychological perspective.


Ads should make the customer curious to learn more. This is the hook!

Customers mind:

New brand? New Product? Nice design? Heck yeah! I’ve never heard of this brand, but they speak my language… curious to learn more. And some of my friends liked it. *Click* 

Psychology at play: FOMO, social proof.

Landing page

Ah, they have arrived in your paradise. They’re intrigued about what your brand is about. And the products you sell. Make sure you tell them your story and value upfront!

Customer’s mind:
Wow, nice website. Ah I see, this brand is about health/low prices/modern skincare/fashion/[your value prop]. Nice, but ok, I want to see some products. *click*

Psychology at play: Curiosity, brand association

Product page

This is where the customer goes from liking your brand to being convinced they want your product. 

Customer’s mind: this product is nice! I like that they have different colors. Sweet. I could use one of those. $XX? Yeah, that’s not cheap but it looks high quality. I like the brand and the product. And I deserve this after my hard work from last week. Should I buy this now or wait? Hmm, they only have 50 left in stock. Oh look at that, 10% off if I add it to cart now. Better add it already.

Psychology at play: urgency, scarcity


Now you’re getting close to acquiring a customer, congrats! If you make this experience enjoyable and valuable for the shopper you have a high likelihood of a purchase. Just roll out the red carpet.

Customer’s mind: ok, I added it to cart. Let’s go to checkout to see how much this is. Curious about shipping times too.

Psychology at play: curiosity, urge to complete what you started


Almost there! Now you want to make sure you give them a smooth ride while also offering the perfect complementary cross-sell. No popups at this point, please!

Customer’s mind: ok, I’m gonna buy this. I’m excited for when it will arrive! Oh, look at that, a gift bag/extended warranty/accessory/[your cross-sell item]? It’s only a couple of $. Ok, let’s see what the total is when I add this. Ok not too bad, let’s get it.

Psychology at play: decision fatigue, buying mindset


You got a new customer! Another sale! Nice. Now you have the chance to elevate their experience even more.

Customer’s mind: ah, sweet dopamine. I bought this nice thing for myself, feels good *smiles* *lands on post-purchase page* Ooh, look at this. The same item for half the price? Is this a joke? Looks like an exclusive offer I can only get now. Hmm, I think my sister would also like this. Would be a nice gift. *click*

You just almost doubled your order value on this purchase, quite amazing.

Thank you page

Thank you, customer! For trusting our brand and trying our products.

Customer’s mind: dopamine hits again. Nice, looks like it will arrive in 3 days. Looking forward to it. Fun anticipation. Can’t wait to try it and gift one to my sister.

Do this exercise for customers that come to your store. And then walk through the journey of your own store. What does it feel like?

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