How to optimize checkout upsells for mobile


Jaap Vergote


August 8, 2022

With over half of shoppers buying on mobile, we want to optimize checkout upsells for them.

Using UpsellPlus, you can optimize your upsells for desktop and mobile dynamically. You’ll be prompted to select your preferred position when setting up your first checkout upsell.

UpsellPlus app admin sneakpeek

When on mobile, the offer will show just above the Express Payment Methods. When on desktop, the offer will show below the order summary.

When you have a multiproduct upsell set up, you can show a carousel on mobile and a stack on desktop. 

This helps save space, as a stack on mobile takes up a lot of space on the screen.

Example of a carousel on mobile vs a stack on mobile:

Courtesy of our friends over at Highly recommend their cheese puffs!

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