How to prepare for the Shopify Checkout Extensions launch


Jaap Vergote


September 13, 2022

Shopify’s new Checkout Extensibility will launch on Oct 3rd, 2022 for all Shopify Plus merchants.

(On Advanced and looking to upgrade to Plus? Check the

Checkout Extensions have been available in preview mode for developers to build and test their software. We’ve taken full advantage and we’ve integrated this native way of customizing your checkout into what will be version 3.0 of the product, Upsell Blocks. Launching early October!

What you can expect:

1. Native integration with checkout

No more page reloads, no more requesting access to checkout.liquid. Natively integrated with the checkout and Shop Pay

2. More position options in checkout

3. Different upsells on different pages in checkout

With up to five extensions, we can show five different upsells on the different pages of the checkout. Maybe you want to show an item on the Info page and a cheaper version on the shipping page.

4. Packed with the same great functionality as before

  • Multi product upsells
  • Multi currency
  • Multi language
  • Shopify Markets integration
  • ShopBrain recommendations
  • Variant support
  • Variant smart rules
  • Cart smart rules
  • All payment methods
  • Shop Pay native integration
  • Live chat support
  • Shopify Plus level load capabilities and performance for high traffic stores
  • Cart upsells
  • Post Purchase upsell flows

Checkout Extensibility currently doesn’t allow for our more advanced customization capabilities. The color of the borders, text and upsell card background can’t be edited. Shopify’s checkout branding API only lets you configure some basic styling.

We will keep supporting advanced customization using checkout.liquid, so you can choose what fits your store.

If you’re curious to test this, try out our demo store, pw: upsellplus

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