How to recommend a clothing upsell in the same size as the cart products


Jaap Vergote


November 4, 2022

When you’re recommending clothing items it helps to match the size of the products the customer already has in cart.

With UpsellPlus’ new Smart Variants, you can have the upsell preselect the same size of the item in cart. The customer no longer has to find their size, which improves conversion of the checkout and the upsell offer.

An example of MR MARVIS, a Dutch clothing brand, that sells fun trousers. They recently launched a collection called CoolerDays, pants for the fall and winter months.

When a customer adds a pair of trousers in their size to the cart and navigates to checkout, they see the following:

match the size of your upsell product with the cart product

A checkout upsell recommendation which uses our recommendation algorithm to show a product from the CoolerDays collection in the same size as the cart product.

The customer can add this to cart in one simple click, which almost doubles the AOV on this order for MR MARVIS.

Let’s have a look at the app admin to see how this works. In the UpsellPlus app, go to your Automagic upsell > scroll down to AI Smart Rules > Click the ‘Variants’ tab.

configure variant smart rules

There’s a simple logic configured here:

IF cart product is in collection ‘Trousers’ (1)

AND cart product waist is ‘Any’ (2)

AND cart product length is ‘Any’ (2)

THEN show upsell product waist as ‘Match cart’ (3)

AND show upsell product length as ‘Match cart’ (3)

When you select the collection or product in step 1, the variants of this product of collection will autopopulate as options to choose from in the dropdowns in step 2 and 3.

This allows MR MARVIS to offer the right level of personalization to make it easier for the customer to love their products.

Some other details that automatically were applied by UpsellPlus here:

  • the currency is localized to the customer (EUR)
  • Once an item is added to cart, the button to remove the item is in dutch ‘Verwijder’ to match the local language
  • The title of the recommendations is a smart variable, which fetches the title of the upsell product dynamically


dynamic upsell variables


dynamic upsell variables result

This allows MR MARVIS to offer the right level of personalization to make it easier for the customer to buy their products.

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