How to show multiple upsell products in the Shopify checkout


Jaap Vergote


August 2, 2022

With the UpsellPlus app, you can add upsells to your Shopify Checkout when you use Shopify Plus. If you want to show multiple products at once in the checkout, you can now do so!

You can two configurations for multiproduct upsells: a stack or carousel. A stack shows all the products at once. A carousel lets the shopper click through the products one by one.

Example of a stack:

Example of a carousel:

To optimize for mobile, you have the option to show multiproduct upsells as a carousel on mobile and stack on desktop. 

On mobile the upsells can be shown inside or outside the order summary.

All these configurations and options are available in the UpsellPlus app. Click below to check it out.

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