How to upsell in right-to-left (RTL) languages like Hebrew


Jaap Vergote


October 5, 2022

If your Shopify store is set up in an RTL language, you want to show upsells that follow the same format.

Using custom CSS, you can achieve this with the ‘text-align’ CSS property for the checkout upsell text.

Go to the UpsellPlus app > click on one of your checkout offers > Scroll down to the 'Customization' card > Click the 'Advanced' tab > Open 'Custom CSS'

There you’ll see all the CSS properties for the checkout upsells. 

Find .upsellplus.title, .upsellplus-message and .upsellplus-subtitle and change text-align: left; to text-align: right;

RTL upsells in checkout hebrew

That’s it! Now you have a RTL layout that works for RTL languages. rtl checkout upsells

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