How to upsell on an international store with Shopify Markets


Jaap Vergote


September 19, 2022

When you sell to multiple countries, your shoppers expect to shop in their language and currency. With Shopify Markets, that’s now possible and made easy. But how do you make sure your upsells follow the same logic as your main products?

  • Update the currency when shopper’s location changes
  • Currency conversion when shopper’s location changes
  • Language change when the location changes

We’ve integrated UpsellPlus closely with Shopify Markets to achieve this. Your shoppers will see upsells in the same currency they’re browsing. When their location changes during their shopping, as often happens when the checkout address details are filled out, the upsells will adapt to reflect the new currency and pricing you’ve configured in Shopify Markets.

Additionally, the language of the ‘Remove’ button that appears in the order summary in checkout when an upsell has been added, is updated according to the language of your store the shopper is browsing in.

This happens automatically for all checkout, cart and post-purchase upsells. You don’t have to set this up separately.

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