How to upsell to higher priced variants to increase AOV


Jaap Vergote


August 25, 2022

When you’re shopping and you see a better deal then what’s in your cart, you take it. But how can you, as a merchant, make that happen?

On a technical level, you offer a larger variant of the item in cart for a higher priced variant. Examples:

‘Upgrade your size Small pack to a size Large pack for only $5 more’

‘Upgrade your single serve to a twelve pack for only $10 more’

‘Get the volume pack for 20% off’

This will increase AOV and leave the customer satisfied with the good deal they got. We’ve developed a Smart Variant Rule engine that allows Shopify Plus merchants to configure this.

IF the cart product is in Collection A


IF the cart product variant ‘Size’ is ‘Small Size

THEN show the upsell product in variant ‘Size’ ‘6 Pack

The values in cursive here are pulled dynamically from the collection or upsell product you configure. It will know which variants exist and autopopulate the fields for you to select from.

If we take this up a notch, we can also set up AI upsells with this functionality.

Here we’re doing the same as before, but the upsell product shown is based on the cart product. Whatever the cart product and its variant is, our Smart Variant Engine will search for the next more expensive variant and recommend that one.

To make sure the upsell in checkout has the correct copy, we’ve also introduced Dynamic Descriptions. As we don’t know what the upsell product will be as we don’t know what the cart will be, we want the description to be dynamic.

You can configure [cart product title], [cart variant title, ][upsell product title], [upsell variant title].

This will result in something like: ‘Upgrade your Liquid Gel Single Serve to a 12 pack!’

This enables merchants to upsell dynamically to higher priced variants, without having to configure countless logic rules. Only for Shopify Plus!

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