How to use Shopify’s new Checkout Extensibility

How to use Shopify’s new Checkout Extensibility

Jaap Vergote
June 24, 2022

The new checkout extensions Shopify released in this third week of June 2022 are something a lot of Plus stores have been waiting for. As the leading checkout customization app on the Shopify app store, we’re happy to offer this new technology to all of our Shopify Plus merchants!

The Checkout Extensibility will enable app developers customize the Shopify checkout without having to use custom code in the checkout.liquid file.

An overview of what this will enable you to do:

1. Add an upsell offer

This is already possible today with the UpsellPlus app, but the extensions will make it even smoother. No more need for custom code in the checkout.liquid file! 

The offers will inherit your brand settings and you can use our advanced editor to make it just right.

2. Add custom fields or banners

What information would you like to share or collect from customers in checkout? Now you can request info when certain actions are taken in checkout.

3. Seamless integration with Shop Pay

Shop Pay accounts for a large volume of Shopify’s checkouts. Now we’ll  will integrate directly with Shop Pay. This means that your checkout customizations will be shown when a customers chooses to go for the express payment option of Shop Pay.

4. Custom branding, fonts, images, banners, timers and text

Want to style the checkout just right? Rounding of the input field corners, font, color,... The new Checkout Branding API will allow apps to modify these design elements to make a checkout that feels like your brand. Design away!

5. Your checkout ideas

What have you been looking to do for a while with your checkout? Let us know and we can add to our app so you can customize the way you want.

We built Checkout Extensions Plus to allow you to make all these customizations to Shopify's new checkout, you can try a free trial here.

UpsellPlus is the leading checkout customization app on the app store with dozens of Shopify Plus stores as clients. We’re excited about the next generation of checkout extensions and the customizability it will bring to brands. Let us know at or the chat on our homepage.

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