Lessons from $640,000,000,000 in checkout revenue


Jaap Vergote


October 27, 2022

Stripe processes all of the Shopify Payments transaction volume. They’ve analyzed and tested their Stripe Checkout and concluded that checking out online is much harder than it needs to be. 95% (!) of leading websites have errors in their checkout flows: http://stripe.com/newsroom/news/state-of-checkouts-2022. 

Stripe shipped 20+ updates to Stripe Checkout this year, obsessing over every detail to make the checkout page flawless. As we focus on the Shopify Plus checkout, we had a closer look and highlighted changes you can implement.


If shoppers see prices in a currency other than their own, they’ll balk. Using Shopify Markets, Shopify now offers automatic price localization if you use multi-currency prices.

a very expensive violin

How to on Shopify Plus: use UpsellPlus to offer localized checkout upsells, adapted to currency and pricing automatically.


Shopify Plus gives you control of the checkout. It allows for a range of customization choices so you can choose your own font, background and button color, button shape, trust badges, customer reviews, trusted payment methods and dynamic upsells.

checkout upsell

How to on Shopify Plus: talk to your engineering team to implement customizations. See ShopifyPlusCheckout.com for simple and effective customization add ons.


New features that have helped Stripe (and Shopify) businesses increase sales: 

⤴️ Subscription upsells—224% AOV increase

🔀 Product cross-sells—33% AOV increase

🔢 Adjustable quantities—141% AOV increase

shopify checkout upsell gif

How to on Shopify Plus: use UpsellPlus to cross -and upsell in your checkout to grow your AOV.

We stay on top of the latest in the world of checkouts to bring the best checkout customizations to Shopify Plus.

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