Best Rebuy Alternatives for Upselling on Shopify


Chris Rausch


January 29, 2024

Looking for a new upsell app? You’re in the right place.

Upsells and cross-sells are a low-cost way of generating additional revenue by increasing the average order value in your store. They’re highly effective, but the range of strategies you can implement and how effective they will be often comes down to your app.

Whether you’re new to upsells and want to begin growing your AOV the right way or your current Shopify upsell app isn’t cutting it, you might be considering Rebuy.

Rebuy is a popular Shopify Upsell app that provides the tools you need to build upsells along with advanced customization features, but it can be too complicated to use if you’re not tech-savvy. Plus, it’s one of the more expensive options in the app store, making it harder to fit in your budget – especially if you can’t figure out their complex tools.

The right upsell app can make or break your upselling success, so before you commit to one, be sure to keep reading to learn more about the best alternatives to Rebuy.

Best Rebuy Alternatives for Upsells and Cross-Sells

Your perfect Shopify upsell app needs to include a versatile set of features that lets you build the best offers, engage customers so they accept them, and provide you with the insight you need to refine your process. It’s also nice to have a free trial that lets you try it before you buy it and straightforward pricing so you don’t have to give away your profits.

If you find that Rebuy is too expensive or too hard to set up, consider these five Shopify upsell alternatives.

#1 - UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus gives you everything you need to upsell and cross-sell throughout your sales process. It’s the top Shopify upselling app for checkout, allowing you to build stylish, engaging offers and place them in multiple positions at checkout to find the location that works best. Plus, you’ll be able to change the layout of your offers for better visibility and integrate with Checkout Extensions to take your custom checkout even further to improve conversion rates.

UpsellPlus isn’t just for checkout, though. It also works for cart pages and cart drawers, placing your upsell offers in front of customers while they’re adding to their basket to increase your chances of success. There are also post-purchase offers that require just a single click to increase your AOV so you can instill urgency and increase impulse buys.

With a subscription integration, you’ll be able to take your upsells to the next level by locking in long-term revenue or multiplying your AOV with prepaid subscription terms. The algorithm ShopBrain also lets you automatically create offers based on real customer data. UpsellPlus is even an official Shopify Plus partner, so you can use it with confidence knowing that your checkout customizations are future-proof, including compatibility with the new one-page checkout. If you're looking for a solid alternative to Rebuy, then UpsellPlus is a great choice.

Pricing Options 

UpsellPlus offers plans based on the amount of upsell revenue you generate, but doesn’t take a commission. You’ll also receive a 7-day free trial before choosing one of the following:

  • Launch Plan: $49/month
  • Pro Plan: $119/month 
  • Advanced Plan: $199/month
  • Scale Plan: $299/month

Features Offered  

  • Simple interface and prompt customer support
  • Cart drawer, cart page, checkout, and post-purchase upsell and cross-sell support
  • Multiple locations to choose from when placing offers
  • Custom logic to control when and where your offers are shown
  • Algorithmic offer creation based on customer data
  • In-depth reporting that provides insight into optimizing your offers
  • Integrates with Checkout Extensions checkout editor and Smartrr subscriptions

What Customers Say

Customers appreciate the prompt, friendly, and effective support and straightforward user interface. It takes no time to set up and provides an immediate improvement in ROI.

  • “We stumbled upon a fantastic app with excellent customer support. It's impressive how Jaap, the founder, shows genuine care for his customers, offering quick responses and eagerly meeting their requirements. The app is incredibly straightforward and reliable in its functionality. Without a doubt, it earns a five-star rating and comes with my strong recommendation.
  • “A super responsive team -- willing to go above and beyond to ensure their app produces the results you want. Great working with Jaap so far!”

#2 - In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell, as the name suggests, focuses on enabling upsells on your cart page, cart drawers, and even product pages. They offer Ajax cart upsells, on-page upsells, and more, with triggers to help you show relevant offers.

You can create your upsells with bundling offers, discounted products, upgrades, and any other upselling strategy. They work on both desktop and mobile, with custom styling options to ensure your offer modules are on-brand no matter the screen size.

In Cart Upsell doesn’t include checkout or post-purchase functionality, making it a part of your upselling solution instead of an all-in-one option.

Pricing Options 

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell offers a free plan that lets you try a single offer on your store with branding. Its paid plans are based on your Shopify plan and include 500 offers, plus all of the app’s features:

  • Shopify Basic ($19.99/month)
  • Shopify Standard ($29.99/month)
  • Shopify Advanced ($59.99/month) 

Features Offered

  • Interactive cart drawer upsells for both mobile and desktop
  • AI recommendations for upsells and cross-sells
  • Customizable triggers to show relevant offers
  • Conversion tracking and A/B testing to optimize your offers.

#3 - Reconvert

Reconvert helps you earn more revenue by “reconverting” existing customers with post-purchase upsells and cross-sells. They offer basic checkout functionality, but focus primarily on giving you the ability to make a wide range of customizations to your ”thank you” page.

Reconvert includes tools to customize and design your offer pages with time-sensitive elements that make it easier to secure impulse buys on your offers. They also add other elements to the page that you can use for retention and improving the customer experience, like tracking information, additional discounts, and birthday collection that can be used for marketing later.

Pricing Options 

Reconvert provides three tiers of plans, plus a development store free version, with each paid plan including a 30-day free trial:

  • Upsell Basic: $4.99/mo
  • Upsell Premium: $7.99/mo
  • Upsell Premium Pro: $14.99/mo

Features Offered

  • Drag-n-drop page builder for “thank you” page
  • One-click upsell functionality
  • Integrates with additional apps for customization, marketing, and reviews
  • Create sequences of upsells that offers multiple options to meet more needs

#4 - PickyStory

PickyStory supports creating upsells and cross-sells for your product, cart, checkout, and “thank you” pages. You can create your offers manually or using AI to generate relevant cross-sells that are automatically presented when someone buys the base product. The post-purchase customization tools let you create time-sensitive offers with BOGO deals, sets, accessories, and build-your-own bundles. It also includes free shipping and free gift elements to make your upsells more visual. 

However, larger stores may object to the 1.5% commission on upsell revenue for plans over $5,000 per month.

Pricing Options 

PickyStory’s pricing is based on the revenue you generate from their upsells:

  • $0-$500 revenue/month: free
  • $500-$1,000 revenue/month: $49/mo
  • $1,000-$2,000 revenue/month: $89.50/mo
  • $2,000-$5,000 revenue/month: $169.5/mo
  • $5,000+ revenue/month: $279.50 + $15 per $1,000 (1.5%) of revenue generated

Features Offered

  • Upsells and cross-sells can be added to multiple steps of the sales process
  • AI recommendations simplify creating offers for larger stores
  • Offers one-click upsells and post-purchase page elements
  • Customization doesn’t require coding experience

#5 - AfterSell

AfterSell specializes in post-purchase upsells and cross-sells, giving you the tools you need to build “thank you” pages that help drive offer conversions. The page builder includes elements that you can design your page with, including one-click upsells, and makes it simple to add or remove elements in real time.

AfterSell also offers checkout and cart features, but they’re a separate charge, making it more expensive to get the full functionality you need for maximizing your upsells. Plus, you’re charged per total order in your store, not just those benefiting from the app.

Pricing Features

AfterSell provides a 30-day free trial along with a free development store app. Post-purchase paid plans are based on your store’s order total:

  • 0-100 orders/month: $7.99
  • 101-200 orders/month: $14.99
  • 200-500 orders/month: $29.99
  • 501-1000 orders/month: $54.99
  • Checkout Upsells: $99 per month + the above usage charges
  • Cart Upsells: Same as Post-Purchase

Features Offered

  • Visual “thank you” page builder that includes additional customization elements
  • Cart, checkout, and post-purchase support (with additional subscription)
  • Custom logic to trigger offers that are relevant
  • A/B testing and analytics to track performance

Get Started with UpsellPlus Today: The Best Alternative to Rebuy

UpsellPlus offers a complete suite of tools that can help you upgrade your upselling efforts to grow your revenue and AOV. From slick cart upsells to customizable checkout cross-sells to post-purchase pages with one-click upsells, UpsellPlus can do it all.

Still not convinced? Start your 7-day free trial to see what UpsellPlus can do for your store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rebuy Alternatives

Are there any limitations to using Rebuy?

Rebuy’s upselling app gives you the tools to customize all of your upsells, but it’s an advanced tool that isn’t always easy to use. Building your offer flows can get complicated, scripting to customize performance is for developers, and the number of styling options can be overwhelming.

Rebuy is also more expensive on the higher end than other apps, which is likely due to the number of features they bundle together. However, it would be hard for most businesses to use them all, which means you’re paying for additional features without benefiting from it. Plus, they don’t offer a truly unlimited plan, which means enterprise stores can expect to pay far higher monthly rates.

Finally, Rebuy’s dedicated customer support doesn’t kick in until you reach their $999 tier and they don’t offer startup support, which can make it harder to get started for medium-sized businesses who need a lot of help.

What separates UpsellPlus from Other Rebuy Alternatives?

UpsellPlus is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and complete upselling and cross-selling app that gives you boutique-level support with enterprise scalability. From startup assistance to dedicated Slack support, there’s no easier app to get started with.

UpsellPlus lets you build offer flows that adapt to customers’ choices and follow them through the sales process, giving you more chances to engage them with offers they’ll accept. Make use of custom logic to make sure you’re only showing relevant upsells to avoid frustrating customers. Easily create your own customer offers or get help from ShopBrain to generate data-based recommendations that address your whole catalog. You can also create specific catalogs of items that it can recommend instead of any product, helping with stock management. These offers can include flat or percentage-based discounts, bundles that you can make yourself, or complementary products that past customers have bought.

Customization is simple with UpsellPlus. You can build your offer modules visually, including using multiple formats that can change dynamically based on the screen size, helping to brand everything for uniformity. Along with Checkout Extensions, you’ll be able to manage every element of your cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages.

How can I get started with Upsell Plus?

UpsellPlus offers a free 7-day trial that lets you try all the entire app, giving you a preview of what it can do for your AOV and revenue. To get started, simply find UpsellPlus in the app store and install the app. Once you’ve gone through the configuration process, you’ll be able to start building offers right away.

Make the most of your existing customers – download UpsellPlus today.

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