Sell Premium Services with Shopify Plus & UpsellPlus

Jaap Vergote


Jaap Vergote


October 21, 2022

More and more Shopify Plus merchants offer premium services at checkout. This is a great way to grow AOV and customer satisfaction. It's very similar to how you might add extra protection, gift packaging or longer warranty at the checkout counter when you buy something in store.

This is a tried and true method. Two examples of ecomm behemoths: ‘Protect your stay - Recommended’

  • Lists the benefits of protecting your stay
  • Highlights the ‘Yes, I want to protect my trip’ ‘Protect your new iPhone’

A great example of upselling coverage while still giving the customer options.

  • 3 options: basic, premium and none
  • Education on coverage with a video
  • A selection is required

Let’s have a look at some brands using Shopify Plus that are successfully offering service upsells in the checkout.

  • Offers Priority Processing
  • Simple low price at $4.99
  • Only shown on orders without customizations

  • Free gift packaging
  • Offered on all orders

  • 2-Year warranty that covers factory defects
  • Seems like a steal for $9.99!
  • Only shown on the shipping and payment page

If you’re looking to upsell premium services for your products, checkout upsells are the perfect way to do so. 

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