The 2022 3s rule for upsells that convert


Jaap Vergote


May 23, 2022

Your customers hate it. When they're left to their own devices. Confused by a webpage. It makes them feel stupid. You have to make it easy to buy. Zero friction. Click. Add. Buy. Checkout.

Now go to your own website in an incognito window. Popups? Spinning wheels? Discount for email? That’s all great, but it gets annoying. This is just one website for you. But a shopper has been checking multiple products and brands before they came here. They’re done with the popups on the landing page. They’re 35% more likely to bounce. Let me explain.

We see a lot of data. The Shopify Plus stores we work with generate $100M/yr in revenue. We learned that doing three things helps convert. While still getting the most revenue out of a shopping session.

  • Speed
  • Strategic upsells
  • Simple landing and product pages

3S if you want. Speed, Strategic, Simple. 

We’ll focus on the Strategic upsells. That’s our cup of tea. Do you want sugar with that? Milk? We can’t help ourselves. Now here comes the good part.

Your store has a flow. A simple one. We call it ‘The Anatomy of a Shopify Store’.  That’s the backbone of the customer journey. 

where to upsell on shopify
Anatomy of a Shopify Store

Each step has potential for upsells. You want to be strategic in where you offer yours. Here are some guidelines on where to offer upsells based on your AOV.

AOV > $150? Aim for post-purchase

AOV < $150? Cart and checkout

AOV < $50? Checkout

Don’t like your customer? Upsell them on the landing & product page please.

But there’s more. You want to price these upsells at different percentages of the cart total in each step.

Cart: 20-30% cart total

Checkout: 10-20% cart total

Post-Purchase: 30-50% cart total

You want to try to improve a customer's order. Not ‘sell’ them things they don’t need. Look at your core products and ask: how can I make this order better? What will make the customer thank me for offering this on top?

Curious about take rates and average upsell revenue for your industry? Check out this blog post for a sneak peek into our data.

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