The Future of Ecommerce Checkout: Exploring Shopify's One-Page Checkout Feature


Chris Rausch


July 2, 2023

Online business owners are always looking for ways to improve conversion rates and grow revenue. With every single sale coming to the checkout process before it’s completed, there’s no better place to start optimizing your sales process for more conversions than checkout.

With Shopify’s upcoming one-page checkout feature, stores will have the option to try a new style of checkout that can help to improve conversion rates by minimizing abandoned carts and improving customer experiences.

Here’s everything you need to know about one-page checkout for Shopify.

What Is A Shopify One-Page Checkout?

Your checkout pages require a lot of information from your customers. Traditionally, checkout processes include 3 or 4 steps where personal, shipping, and payment information are collected so that you can properly charge customers and ship products. Each step has its own page, so it takes some time to navigate through the screens to confirm and place the order.

A one-page checkout in Shopify allows you to change the multi-page checkout, including eliminating additional clicks and loading time required to proceed through the 3-4 steps. 

As the name suggests, one-page checkout means your checkout process will become a single page. It will still collect all of the information necessary to complete the purchase, but instead of multiple steps, everything will be visible on one page.

Why You Should Use a One-Page Checkout for Shopify

why use one page checkout for shopify

Speed is an essential element of every online store. Nobody likes to sit and wait while your website loads - and the same goes for your checkout process.

The less time it takes to complete the checkout process, the higher the conversion rate. Excessive checkout times may be due to slow site speeds, multiple page loads, and unnecessary checkout fields. Fortunately, a one-page checkout for Shopify can help to address these long checkout times and improve your conversion rates.

A primary difference between one-page and multi-step checkout is the number of clicks it takes to complete an order. Every additional click means that the process takes longer and requires more input from the customer - two ingredients for a poor customer experience. With a one-step checkout for Shopify, your customers will need to make fewer clicks before their order is complete, helping to improve conversion rates.

Wait times are another significant difference between multi-step and one-step checkouts. Each step of your checkout process needs to load, so when you add additional steps, you’re increasing load times. If your site speed isn’t perfect, this can cost you precious seconds and reduce your chances of completing the sale. One-page checkouts only need to load the initial page, so customers can checkout without waiting longer.

In addition to slow checkouts costing you conversions, the presentation of your checkout page can also impact whether a customer completes checkout. Up to 37% of customers say they’ve abandoned carts because they couldn’t clearly see the final cost with a multi-page checkout process. Shipping costs that are hidden on the 2nd or 3rd step and significantly impact the price may lead to customers feeling deceived and abandoning their cart. With a Shopify one-page checkout, all of this information is available immediately on the single checkout page so that they know exactly what to expect to pay at all times.

How To Make The Most Out Of a Shopify One-Page Checkout

While a one-page checkout helps to expedite the checkout process, it can also degrade the customer experience.

With all of the information on a single page, checkouts that use many fields or additional components like calendar scheduling or additional comment fields like gift notes may get cluttered. A complicated checkout is just as harmful as a slow checkout, so making the most of your one-page checkout means taking steps to simplify the process.

One way to improve the checkout experience is to remove unnecessary fields so that there is more room on the page. Physical shipping addresses, account signup forms, and other checkout elements can be removed to shorten checkout times and increase the chances of a conversion.

You’ll also want to implement conversion rate optimization strategies like clearly labeling fields, using accent colors to draw customers to the important elements, and spacing content appropriately so that it’s accessible.

Looking to customize your checkout page? Checkout Extensions Plus helps you take advantage of Checkout Extensibility’s improved checkout editor to create custom checkout pages in Shopify.

How To Get A Shopify Checkout With One Page

Unfortunately, a one-page checkout for Shopify is not currently available to the public, including Shopify Plus stores. There were previously third-party apps that allowed you to create your own one-step checkout page, but Shopify disallowed third-party checkouts in 2021. 

So, if you want a one-page checkout for Shopify, you’ll have to wait. But, you can sign up for early access on Shopify’s official checkout page by scrolling to the bottom and entering your Shopify store email.

Want to be first in line? Shopify is likely to start with Shopify Plus merchants like they did with Checkout Extensibility, so consider if upgrading to Shopify Plus is for you.

Use UpsellPlus to Upgrade Your Multi-Step or One-Step Checkout in Shopify

shopify one page checkout

No matter what type of checkout process you use, UpsellPlus can help upgrade it for improved revenue and increased average order values.

UpsellPlus makes it easy to create, implement, and test cross-sells and upsells for Shopify. An offer builder lets you use custom logic to display offers when they make sense based on customers’ purchases. Add offers to the cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages in multiple locations so that you can optimize your conversion rates on either one-page checkout or multi-step checkout.

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