The new Shopify checkout features launching in October 2022

The new Shopify checkout features launching in October 2022

Jaap Vergote
September 14, 2022

Shopify announced a lot of new functionality at Shopify Editions Summer 2022 in June. The newest features that will open up possibilities for the checkout, Checkout Extensibility, are exciting, let’s have a look!

1. Checkout UI extensions

This is the big one. Shopify already had a checkout extension for post-purchase offers. Now they’re expanding on that with Checkout UI Extensions. This allows for apps building on top of a more robust connection with these core elements of your store.

You’ll be able to customize the Shopify checkout with interactive widgets and input fields. Checkout extensions also integrate with Shopify Pay natively. This is perfect for upsells or shipping notes. This graphic by Shopify explains it well:

all credit goes to Shopify for this overview

2. Shopify Functions

Functions are set to replace the current Scripts. They’ll be more powerful and faster to execute for high traffic stores. Functions will allow app developers to customize payment settings, discount combo’s and shipping configurations that the merchant can control in the admin.

Shopify's overview of Functions

3. Web pixel extension

This new extension allows for app developers and merchants to track shopper behavior without having to add tracking code (that tends to get deleted or lost).

It integrates with Shopify’s Customer Privacy API, which allows merchants to easily accept or deny permissions for apps, including what the Web Pixel can track and what it can’t.

If you’re trying to figure out what you need to achieve your checkout goals with your store, this graphic from Shopify is helpful:

Shopify's Checkout Extension summary

UpsellPlus 2.0 already has the post-purchase checkout extension. UpsellPlus 3.0 will launch in October with the new Checkout UI extension, Web Pixel Extensions and Shopify Functions when Shopify releases these to all Shopify Plus merchants.

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