Upsell 101: what type of upsell fits your store?

Quick intro to upselling. Set it up in under 2 minutes!


Jaap Vergote


October 20, 2021

Upsells come in different types and combinations. Let’s have a look at all the upsell ‘flavors’ that have proven to be effective.

Types of upsells

Same item, lower price: second tshirt at half price

Buy one, get one discounted.

The simplest version of upsell.

Ideal for stores with low AOV.

Complimentary item: shoes + shoelaces/cleaning product

Adds value to the purchase the customer is already making.

Ideal for stores with high AOV items and accessories.

Must have combinations: water filter + cartridges

Offer consumables with a main product.

The customer needs it anyway and the likelihood of buying is high.

Ideal for single product stores.

Gift options: different types of the same item

During certain times of the year these are very powerful.

People are in buying mode and if you offer them good gift options, it saves them time and effort.

Add ons: service items

Sell gift wrapping, extended warranty, special customer service. Low (or no) effort, but great ROI.

Additional tips

  • Try to keep your upsell item <30% of the cart value. If the offer is too high in price, the customer is more likely to reject it. The sweet spot is 10-25% to keep things frictionless. The psychological change from $50 to $55, $60 or $65 is not too much. $80-$100 is a different arena. Price your upsells accordingly!
  • Don’t offer more than two upsells in any location of your store.

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