Upsell to Subscriptions in your Checkout

Jaap Vergote


Jaap Vergote


December 23, 2022

If you have products that you sell as a subscription, you can now use UpsellPlus to let a customer upgrade from a one off purchase to a subscription.

We integrate with almost all subscription apps, including:







In the app, you can choose a product that has a selling plan in your subscription app. When you Tick 'Add as a subscription', you will see all the available selling plans for the selected product appear.

select a selling plan

You can add some copy in the callout banner, product title, subtitle or marketing message to make it clear to customers this is a subscription.

upsell to subscriptions in checkout

Now the upsell will be added to cart when a customers adds it, but it won't replace the item in cart yet. You can let the customer swap out a one off product for a subscription by ticking the 'Swap product in cart with upsell product variant if added' option.

swap one off purchases for subscriptions in checkout

You can set up smart rules so the subscription offer only shows when someone has the one-off version of the product in cart.

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