Why Shopify Plus brands choose UpsellPlus

Why Shopify Plus brands choose UpsellPlus

Jaap Vergote
June 2, 2022

There are a couple of solutions out there to increase your revenue and AOV. Why do Shopify Plus brands choose UpsellPlus?

Three things they value:

1/ Design away, Picasso!

Advanced customization was important for the 8 figure Shopify Plus brands we work with. We help brands make the upsell look perfect on the checkout page, so that it feels like a seamless add on for the customer.

We do this by providing you with three things:

  • A visual UX designer
    We have an in-house designer who can propose designs for you based on your store theme, colors and brand.
  • A WYSIWYG editor
    You can clearly see what your upsells look like with a mobile and desktop preview.
  • Custom CSS
    Want to change the variant selector border thickness to 0.5px, color to #008060 and border radius to 4px? You can do that and see a live preview in the app.

Jordan at Hemp Hop shared his opinion

2/ WALL-E, is that you?

More flexible smart rules and AI

An upsell product that is tailored to the customer’s cart contents will sell best. We believe an upsell should be simple, personalized and natural.

You can finetune which products make sense for which customers. To do this, you can use multiple variables based on your customer and cart.

Stores with product catalogs over 200sku’s can enable auto upsells. Our algorithm, ShopBrain, will recommend the best product based on the customer, cart and your store data.

We take this further than other apps by allowing for more smart rules, more flexibility and filtering for ShopBrain. These efforts result in 17% higher take rate on the upsells.

Joe at DopeSlimes had this to say

3/ Tap our wrists. Anytime.

Everybody says they offer great customer support. We are serious about it. We’re so committed to providing the best customer experience, our founders got Apple Watches so they get alerted when one of our customers needs help. The watches have only 3 notifications enabled:

  • New email from existing customers
  • Website and app chat activity
  • New installs

Michael was kind enough to share his perspective

This is only the beginning. We're committed to providing the best revenue growth solution for ecommerce merchants over the coming years. With your feedback we release new solutions every 14 days.

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