5 spots in the customer journey to increase average order value

5 ways to boost your checkout with customization.


Jaap Vergote


June 9, 2021

So you have a well run Shopify store. It’s churning out sales and you’re looking how to get more. You spend a lot of resources getting people to visit your shop. Then you’ve A/B tested all kinds of solutions to get people to get to check out. Now that customers have made it there, you want to make sure they complete their purchase!

If your conversion rate is over 3.8%, your shop is in the top 20 percentile. If conversion is over 5.3%, you’re in the top 5%. The average conversion rate is about 3% and varies by industry.

Your conversion rate is the single most important number after revenue and profit. It determines the effectiveness of your shop.

So, how can you improve it?

For every Shopify plan, your checkout (not the cart) exists out of three steps. Information, Shipping and Payment.

For every step, we’ve highlighted a solution to increase your conversion.

Upload a logo
Make sure people are enticed to make it all the way through checkout. A logo makes the checkout more personalized. The potential customer made it to the checkout. That means they like your brand. Highlight it! The logo will be visible in all steps of the checkout.

A progress bar
‍You can add a visual progress bar at the top of the page. The bar shows the 3 short steps to complete the purchase. It helps people see that they are very close to completing their purchase. The visualized progress avoids customers dropping off in the final steps.

It’s human psychology. If you’re that close, you want to complete it! Nobody likes to quit when the progress bar shows ‘97% complete’.

A 1-click upsell widget
Think about a supermarket. When you’re checking out, you’re surrounded by small items you can purchase for a couple of dollars. That checkout real estate is precious and supermarkets know that.

In e-commerce, your checkout real estate is the final page before completing a purchase. We’ve built a smart recommendation widget that allows upselling right on that page. With 1 click, the customer can add a recommended product to their cart. This boosts AOV and brings in extra revenue.

A checkout timer
Motivating people to complete the checkout comes down to human psychology. Creating urgency with a timer works! People will feel urged to complete the steps before the time runs out.

Card badges
Customers have numerous preferences on how to pay for a purchase. Displaying the payment method badges helps instill trust. Trust that you’ll accept their preferred payment method.

This article walks through how to add the badges using the Shopify settings.

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