3 examples of checkout customizations Shopify Plus merchants use


Jaap Vergote


June 28, 2022

An overview of some of the main checkout customizations we’ve encountered.

With the checkout wide open and dozens of Plus merchants using our technology, we’ve seen a couple of customizations that stood out. An overview:

Group verification

This helps give a discount for verifiable groups of customers. This will allow you to better curate your offers and discount to the right customers.

This specific example was achieved with by id.me: https://apps.shopify.com/id-me-group-verification

Countdown timer

If your inventory is tight and your traffic is plenty, reserving a customer’s order for a limited amount of time will help release products to people who want to buy. You can use custom code to add a countdown timer to the checkout. 

The example below can be obtained with the code in the snippet. You can add it to your Plus checkout by going to your theme > Actions > Edit Code > Checkout.liquid

Another example and way to do this is to put the styling in the stylesheet and giving it an id. This will keep your checkout code looking clean:

Checkout upsells

Upsells in checkout help grow AOV, top line revenue and profit. You can add these by installing UpsellPlus Checkout Upsells. https://apps.shopify.com/upsellpluscheckout

Once you have the app, you can decide:

  • Where to place the upsell
  • What to upsell
  • How to style the upsell

An example where the merchant added a multiproduct carousel in checkout. They added their primary colors to the card and button to make it blend with the rest of their store. The carousel recommends products based on the cart contents.

Checkout upsells and design customization is what we do best. Reach out to support@upsellplus.com if you’d like help with design!


The checkout extends into the post-purchase page. This page sits between the payment and thank you page. You can use it for two purposes, more upsells or a survey to learn about your customers. This article talks in depth about how a post-purchase survey can help with collecting customer feedback.

If you're curious about adding customer reviews and social proof to the checkout, we wrote about that here.

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