How to add customer reviews & social proof to your Shopify checkout


Jaap Vergote


June 28, 2022

Social proof is great to take away any hesitation a customer might have in the checkout process. “If others loved it so much, it must be good!” 

We can add static reviews to the Shopify checkout with a bit of custom code. The example below is what we’re going for, and it will only display on desktop. On mobile there isn’t enough space to show all of this.

This code consists of two parts:

  1. The title of the section ‘Customer Reviews (7200)’
  2. The reviews themselves with stars and text

  1. Code to add the title
  1. Code to add the stars and review. This might look like a lot of code, but it’s mostly pulling the star image from where it’s being hosted.

You can add this just below <div id="order-summary" </div>

You can create your own version of this. Hope this can serve as an inspiration! We wrote a bit about other checkout customizations here.

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